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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cherry on top…

… Traci and Andrew got home yesterday evening. They lost her luggage and Andrews car seat, so we had to borrow one from Air Canada. What a piece of crap. Anyway, Traci had called me from Pittsburgh airport saying that Andrew had fallen and she had to have Paramedics look at his leg. They basically said they didn’t see anything glaring and Andrew wasn’t in undue pain, so she got on the flight and came home.

When we finally got back to the house, I put Andrew down and immediate he couldn’t stand on his leg. So off we go to South Calgary Urgent Care Center.  The line up here was pretty long and they take people on a worst come first serve basis and unfortunately Andrews spirits were really good, laughing and playing with me in the stroller. so that was probably the reason we didn’t get seen at all. After 2 hours of waiting we decided to go home, have a sleep then go see the doctor. We got to the doctor at 10am, had x-rays done at a different location, went back to the doctor, then went to Children’s Hospital. We were seen immediately and were discharged by 1pm complete with a full leg cast for Andrew. IMG_5528

He has spiral fractures in both his lower leg bones on the left leg, and will be in this cast for 2-3 weeks. Once the cast was on, you could see he felt better already. Not to mention the codeine they gave him right after the cast was put on. We got to choose the color of the cast, I wanted black, but was vetoed because it would probably be too hot. I just wanted him to look tough. hehe. 2-3 weeks. That is some pretty fast healing little man… I’m proud of you, you are truly a trooper. Even when they had him lay down for the x-rays he would cry, but didn’t move a muscle. Our little man, 2 days shy of his 2nd Birthday. Traci said when he was born, “no trip to Children's Hospital before your 2 years old”.

missed it by that much…

Oh yeah, before I forget. I had heard great thing about Children’s and now have experienced it first hand. Thank you ER team, you did great!


Anonymous said...

Kiss that baby for me and tell him he has thoughts and prayers from Tennessee coming his way!!!

CowgirlCreations said...

What a day! My little guy broke his arm at 2 years old... luckily at that age they adapt pretty quickly to the cast as well as healing quickly. God Bless!