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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Race day… together and just for fun!

… Traci and I ran a race today! Traci did the 5K run and I did the 10k run. We arrived early to get a good parking spot (Andrew stayed at home as G&G came over to hang out with him), but didn’t really have to be that early as it was a small race. There were about 400 participants in the 5K, 10K and the fun walks. In Traci’s group there were 91 runners and she finished in 43rd place with a time of 34min 31sec.

Place – 43

Clock time – 35:16.6

Bib - 2724

Chip time – 34:31.8

Pace/km - 6:55

This is especially good as she hasn’t trained at all for this race. This pure fitness for her! She was lucky though, as the 5k turn around was just at the top of the big hill that I had to run down, and you know what goes down, must come up, right? Heck just for good measure they put another big hill at the turn around for the 10k run, so 2 BIG declines and of course 2 BIG inclines! It sure made it tough. It was the hardest 10k race I have participated in, because of the hills and of course the lack of training.

My Group had 111 runners in it and I finished a respectable 37th. However, if you look at the chip times I was actually faster than the person in 36th by 1/1oth of a second. I ran my butt off to beat her at the end as well! So I am claiming 36th. So there lady!

Place – 37

Clock time – 57:01.2

Bib - 526

Chip time – 56:55.4

Pace/km - 5:42

We enjoyed the after race fun. The race was a fundraiser for PaceKids here in Calgary. It is an organization that raises money for kids with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities, and they had a booth that you could stuff your own teddy bear and take it home. So while Traci was waiting for me to finish, she got Andrew a bear! We waited around for the prize draws, of course we didn’t win anything but the people watching was top notch! We enjoy sitting and watching other people - that is for sure. There are certainly some curious individuals at the races (me included). All in all we had a great time today. It was a new approach to racing for both Traci and I, as we were going out just for the fun and fitness of it with no real time goals, just finish and enjoy the day! Mission Accomplished.

Oh, Andrew is moving to a big boy bed tonight. Don’t mention anything to Traci as she is a wreck over it. Her baby is growing so fast…

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