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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Accidental Urban Hike…

I had a run this morning of 21.1km. I am training for the Calgary 1/2 Marathon on May 31-09. We ran the distance in 2hrs 7min, 4 minutes faster than last week. I felt ok after the run, but after being stuck in the Tim Hortons drive through for 35 minutes and driving home for another 20, i was STIFF. woo. When I got home I took some advice from Runners World magazine and had an ice bath... OH MY GAWD. The water comes out of the tap here at 54deg. I stepped into the water in the tub and it felt like my feet were going to fall off. I had to run some warm water in to be able to sit down and then re run the cold once I was in. I was able to sit there for about 5 minutes shivering, dreaming about the hot shower next. Unfortunately it worked. This means I'll have to do this after every run.

Anyway, I came downstairs and asked Traci if she wanted to see a movie... "no"

ok. what else can we do. Well let's so something. I take Andrew over to G&G's house then head home still with no plan as to what we are doing. The last thing I really wanted to do is go for a hike especially after my run, so I come into the house and ask Traci if she wants to go for a hike. Yeah... what am I thinking.

Well, it shouldn't be so bad, we will take a hike for about an hour and then maybe go for coffee. Well we leave our house, and walk through our neighbourhood, down the escarpment to the river and head into Fish Creek Park. 3 hours and 15km later we are at G&G's house to have supper then get a ride home. It's definitely a Hottub night.

It was sort of accidental, as we just kept walking. We really had a good time, the weather was probably as close to perfect as we have seen for quite some time, the paths were busy but not crowded and we were in Nature in the City. Fish Creek Park has the distinction of being the largest urban provincial park in Canada. And that is good for us as it is literally a fifteen minute walk from our back door.

Right in our own neighbourhood is some of the best views you will find in Calgary. City, River Valley and the Rocky Mountains all without having to walk an inch.CIMG5918

The overlook of the path down into the river valley. Some kids set the dry grass on fire last week. It was quite a commotion in the neighbourhood.CIMG5921

the View from down on the path you see above, looking into valley.CIMG5923

The mighty Bow River. Only 250 miles from here is the Bow Glacier and the source of most of Southern Alberta's fresh water.

I mentioned this is an Urban hike. Here the path crossed under a 4 lane city freeway.CIMG5927

For about 3 Km we walk along Mackenzie Meadows Golf Course. I shot a 78 here once, and Traci and I played here last year and we actually birdied a par 3 hole together. Traci sunk an amazing 78' putt for birdie and I sunk a 15 footer. That was awesome!CIMG5930

The bow is famous for it's Trophy Brown trout. A guy in the red boat asked as we went by "Guess how many fish I have caught today?" I replied "Probably about as many as me!" " you are right!" Laughter all around. Apparently though his young Daughter has had better luck.CIMG5932

A deer!

This is the first of 2 bridges we cross the Bow on. it is about 7km into our Hike.CIMG5936

The river escarpment below Mackenzie Lake Neighborhood.

Photo op!

The Second bridge, at the 11km mark, crossing back over into G&G's neighbourhood, Douglasdale.

We ran out of water in the hydropak, so we stopped and re-filled at Swifty's. This Gas station has a Bakery that makes the best raisin cookies in Calgary. Yep, a bakery in a gas station.

This is where the hike turned decidedly urban.

Our Goal, 15km and 3 hours later we arrive at Grampa and Gamma's house. We have some take-out greek and head home for a well deserved hottub.
Another nice weekend in the new lifestyle of Neil, Traci and Andrew!

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