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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sitt’n around the fire…

Ahhhhh, combine technology, good friends and fire and what do you get? Me… being very antisocial while I type this. hehe. I did ask the group to contribute, but they didn’t feel it. so I am blogging around the fire.

Ok, the news for the day. We did nothing.

Ate lots. Had a nap. Went for a walk. Went for another walk. Took Andrew around in the wagon. Made supper for the group. Now we are sitting around the fire. er, oh I think I said that. anyway, the weather was the nicest it had been yet in 2009. Shorts, T-shirt, birks and just sitting with nothing to do.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Wake up, the day has started! IMG_4331 No wind, the river looks nice…IMG_4335 No one is awake except me and the donks…IMG_4337 After breakfast sit down… A meeting of the board of directors…IMG_4346 The next 3 are covert telephoto shots…IMG_4366 IMG_4367 It saddens me sometimes to think that I am socially classed with this guy…IMG_4370 Here is Craig, just enjoying the day…IMG_4374Sherry and brooke came out today, and we had supper at our place…IMG_4388 And here is the obligatory Andrew shot…IMG_4389

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