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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Long, Day 2.1…

I am sitting in the sun, blogging. In a campground.aIMG_4382 Did I mention in the sun? I am actually in the shade, which is a new activity for 2009. Sitting in the shade that is. Andrew is asleep in the camper, Traci is chillin in the sun. aIMG_4384While she has become somewhat accustomed to the colder climate here in the last 12 years, she still doesn’t shy away from direct sun exposure when it comes out.

Last night Craig and I were talking about some of the people who they actually let drive big trucks with even bigger trailers. The conversation started as we were watching people TRY to back into their sites in the ever darkening evening hours, narrowly missing posts, other vehicles and especially the tree limbs above. We noticed that people do a great job of watching the ground and the lower obstacles,  but never look up.

Then today, right on cue, this happened…bIMG_4354Hehe, the wife looked back and saw me taking pictures with the telephoto lens and said “i guess, this is for ‘what not do do when camping’, right?”…hehe. yep.

Ok, so all you trailer tow-ers, how would YOU get out of this predicament. Knowing that the trailer swings OUT behind the axles, wouldn’t you just turn the truck to the left and drive forward? NO!!! heck no. What we are going to do is take a tow strap, tie it to the tree, attach the other end to another BIG truck and PULL the tree out of the way.aIMG_4361 yes, that would be my first option. Well… even with the Darwinian approach to problem solving, it worked.

Speaking of hick… hehe… you would actually understand if you saw the owner… haha.aIMG_4375

And I just realized there hasn’t been an Andrew sighting yet this weekend, so here.aIMG_4368

That’s it. I may take a nap, see you later!

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