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Saturday, May 16, 2009

May Long – Day 1…

… We were out of town by 1pm. We forgot a couple of things so we stopped at Sobeys and picked them up. Unfortunately I forgot the one item I went in for in the first place. Oh well, we’ll get a can of coffee in Drumheller. aIMG_4303

It was raining off and on, with a few flakes of snow mixed in just for good measure, but by the time we arrived in Drum, it had cleared and was fairly nice out. I think it got up into the mid 40’s. Woowee, hot. well better than freezing I guess. Saturday is supposed to be nice, in the high 60`s.     

We got to the Dinosaur Trail RV Park early enough to not be hurried getting backed into out site and set up. aIMG_4293Our sites are in the middle of the park, in the widest sites, so they are pretty nice. The only better sites would be along the river, aIMG_4311but there tends to be a lot of kids and dog walkers behind the sites there. There are a few sites here that are REALLY close together. I think they are meant for tents, but this weekend they put in trailers instead. The awnings reach right over to the next camper. There is also a new section to the park that is completely in the open and just on new gravel. aIMG_4301It’s not very nice up there, so if you camp here, make sure you ask for a site down in the old treed area. We are in site 125 and we like it.

On the way out, we saw another perspective example. Earlier in the day we had an ambulance go rushing by us, and a few minutes later we came across the scene. A car had run the stop sign, had been clipped by the right of way traffic and ended up down a steep embankment in the ditch across the road. Probably in a hurry to get to the campground… so they could…. relax. huh. hurry up and relax.

We were hooked up and set up in no time, then Craig, his son Mitch and Mitch`s friend Tom arrived and I helped them get backed in and levelled.aIMG_4295 They have a really nice fiver, that is big enough to sleep comfortably 6 people and 3 dogs when the entire crew is out. Sherri and Brooke aren't here yet as Brooke is just getting home from a school trip to Quebec. They may come out Saturday.

We had cheese smokies for supper and then just hung around the trailer until Andrew was ready for sleep. I went over the Craig`s camp for a fire and Traci joined us once Andrew was asleep. aIMG_4322We just sat around catching up and then were ready for bed at about 10pm. We bought a new mattress and were looking forward to a REALLY good sleep in the camper. We transferred Andrew into the Pack and Play from our bed and then went to bed ourselves. Nothing much exciting for now, but we could use a little boredom and relaxation in our life right now. All is good! seeyou tomorrow!

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Hembree said...

How in the world could you forget the coffee???...Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!!
I hope you guys have a great time.. we'll be leaving on Wednesday...going a total of 20 miles...staying til the following Wednesday...I cannot wait!