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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pulled the trailer home...

... and I just realized we don't have name for her. Going to have to work on that.

I went down to our storage yard yesterday to bring home the trailer, but I had forgot to bring the key for the hitch receiver lock. Normally it would be on my massive key chain (i need one of those bungee chains like a janitor carries), but about 3 months ago I went to the storage yard and when I unlocked the gate, the lock fell apart in my hands. It was the middle of the night and I didn't want to leave the gate unlocked, and all I had was my Hitch Pin lock. I jerry rigged the gate to lock up with this hitch pin (that is the same key as the hitch receiver lock), and then left the key hidden so that the other people could get in if needed. I didn't get the key back unit recently but didn't place it back on my chain. So... that was a longer story than I wanted to tell, with way too many "locks" in it. but oh well.

I went TODAY and picked up the trailer.
We had mouse droppings before Christmas, but we set some traps and put a dozen bars of Zest all over. We caught 1 mouse and didn't have any other indications that any more were around, so that is good. I did a complete cleanup inside just to make sure. It still seems amazing to me how much stuff can be stored in a rv trailer... "what's behind door number 16?"... yay, more plastic forks and those shoes I have been missing all winter...hehe.

Here she is, and I must say, she looks good. She is a pretty sleek unit. We bought her last year after I destroyed our first one on 200 miles of gravel roads last July. It is a 2003 model, TrailLite by R-vision, 26ft. The previous owner purchased it new, pulled it out to the farm, then 5 years later pulled it back to the dealer and sold it back. It had never been used. We actually had to pull the stickers and tags off the appliances and furniture. And they took the wrecked trailer on trade for the full value I had paid for it. Good Deal. I actually bought it before Traci even knew about it. She thought I was going into get the part to fix the gravel damage... hehe I came home and she asked "how much is it going to cost to fix?" I said " $12,000.00", she says "WHAT?" I say "I bought a new one"... well, that took a bit of explaining, but it came down to her seeing it when I pulled it home the next day... That settled it. She fell in love with it like I did. The rest is history.

We start our camping season on the May long, in Drumhecker. The next booked holiday is our 17 day trip down to Creston BC, Missoula Mt, Yellowstone NP, and Hungry Horse MT, starting on July 31. We will get out a couple of weekends between now and then, but we are looking forward to that the most. We are then out in the Mountains at Mt Kidd Park on Aug 26th and after that we will close the season in Kelowna BC over Thanksgiving (early October - for you Americans), where I will be running in the Okanagan 1/2 Marathon.

Oh, the weather has turned for the better here, and we have spent some nice time outside with Andrew these past couple days!
The nice weather also brings out our suburbanite middle class neighbors to their driveways for some fun in the sun. It's a little hillbilly for me, but fun nonetheless. (and yes, the guy in the orange seems to always sit like that for some reason, come on Steve, no one needs to see that!)

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Hembree said...

Sweet camper! Ours is a 2002...paid $12,000.00 for it too!!! Get those inside pictures