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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh bananas…

… It’s kind of the husband code. When you think you are doing something good, it’s actually not good.

I tidied the kitchen up. It was that simple. Then Traci and Andrew came home and Traci was talking quite excitedly about using a recipe of my Granni’s. She said it would turn out better than last time. My husband alarm sort of went off, but I was hoping she was thinking about baking something else. I thought to myself for a minute before I asked “what are you going to bake?” she says “banana bread”

Um. oh shoot… “I threw away the bananas”

Well, that is pretty much it for me tonight, I will be trying to make it up for the evening, while trying to avoid the ol’ stink eye. I wonder if it’s worth the effort to try to do good some days. We are just not engineered to make those sort of decisions, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

You're a goon! Yes, I was disappointed, but its just banana's! Btw...my banana bread turned out fine last time, I was making a banana cake this time...

Lovingly Signed,
You know who