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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Long, Day 3… and 4…

What a weekend! It was a great way to start out the camping season. We had bought a new mattress for the trailer and boy was it nice! We slept great. Andrew would go to sleep on the main bed and then when we were ready for bed we would take down the dinette and set up the Pack-n-Play as a crib and move him in there for the night. He seemed really happy as he slept the whole night through. When he would wake up in the morning,  he would stand up, look at us in bed and say “hi”.IMG_4396

Saturday, Traci took a 3km run around the campground and on Sunday I did my last long run before my May 31st race. Craig came with me on his bike and we did a full 20km on the pathways in Drumheller. We ended up running out of trails and found ourselves on the highway for about 5km of the run, but it was still ok. We got back around noon and I went straight for the river. I stood out there up to my thighs for about 20mins. I really gotta get a river in my yard. It beats the heck out of sitting in an icebath.

After that we had some lunch and I took a shower. Andrew was pretty fussy and didn’t want to go down for a nap, but we persevered and we all got a nap. We actually woke up about 4pm. It was warm enough to put the AC on for a while as we weren’t in any mood to do anything but sit around. It was about an hour later and the wind hit like a ton of bricks. We didn’t actually notice it in the camper, but looking out the window it was a dusty mess! Quite a few people lost their awnings and even a few of those hybrid trailers with the tent ends received some damage as the wind blew the tent ends closed! Our ‘hoe’ across the street from us had their little sun shelter disintegrate in the wind. IMG_4399IMG_4400IMG_4401It’s kind of designed like an umbrella and performed like one too. yikes.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. IMG_4397We have a couple of repairs needed on the trailer, like the furnace doesn’t seem to want to light all the time, so that will have to be fixed before the next trip, as well we want to set up some cutlery bins in the kitchen and have a few upholstery things to work out. Other than that, it was a perfect weekend! Yay for us!

Here we have another board meeting on Sunday morningIMG_4392 And here is a picture of the boardroom, in full camping mode, complete with slice of bread.IMG_4395  This is the first ever afternoon ‘status quo’ meeting…     IMG_4405 This ‘cliff is right in the campground, Brooke is top left, Tom is center and Mitchell is bottom right. Craig and Sherry’s kids are really nice, and their friend Tom was really pleasant to be around as well. Great to see nice considerate kids for a change!IMG_4420 Here is Dinosaur Trail RV Resort as we were leaving, it was actually snowing when we left, but we didn't mind. We will be back as we enjoyed ourselves greatly! IMG_4431

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Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds like fun! What a wind that must have been.