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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fharell, not Feryl…

We had a chance to chat with Fharell and his wife Gwen when they arrived home from the TWO dances they went to today. The first one was in Turner Valley and then this evening they were in Black Diamond. We learned that they have 8 Grandsons, 7 Granddaughters, and 17 great grandsons. They are very excited that their first great granddaughter is due any day now. I learned that he has a Laptop, with a bell turbo stick for wireless internet surfing AND has a facebook page! I’m definitely going to be friends with him! They gave us their card. Yep, their card. On top of the card is a mountain with “Alberta’s Rocky Mountains” written, then on either side of a dancing couple are their names and  phone #’s along with a slogan, “Happy feet” it says. Fharell said a band called them that 20 years ago and it stuck, so they are known as ‘Happy Feet’. The card also says “We love country music”. Obviously.

So Gwen has bad Arthritis, is blind in one eye and has 60 percent cataracts in the other… How does Fharell feel about that? “I’m her seeing eye dog” he says… hehe. Fharell is 20/20 in his right eye, but needs retina replacement in his left, has been taking herbal drops for a year now and it is getting better he tells us. However, he is not telling his eye doctor… He says he is a BIG fan of the herbs. He has been taking ginkgo and ginseng for a long time now he says, and follows that up with, “I don’t have Alzheimer's, I want to live until I'm 100!” then chuckles. I don’t doubt he will.

Traci and Andrew meanwhile were in bed trying to sleep when they heard us. “Oh no, Daddy” Andrews says, so Traci brings him out to say hi. We are having this fun conversation by the light of my Laptop screen by now, but we carry on anyway. Andrew is his usual amazing self and while he says bye he leans over to Fharell and offers up a hug. Well, Fharrel takes him up on it, and then it is OBviously Gwens turn. So with Hugs and Kisses all around we say goodnight. But not before Fharell says to Andrew, “You can call us Poppy and Granny”.

Andrew, you are a better man for meeting these incredible people and so am I.

Andrew became a better dancer today too! It was his first class at Gymboree, where they learn music and dancing. CIMG6576

He was shy for about 1 minute, then the gloves where off  and the fun began.CIMG6579 

After about a half hour of dancing and singing and running around I witnessed a pretty good crash. *WHAMMOOO* Andrew crashed into another kid that was running around. Well Andrew got up and actually dusted himself off, while this other little kid was wailing at the top of his lungs for his mommy. It was karma, because the other kid was running around whacking all the other kids earlier, so Andrew couldn’t have dusted a better kid…LOL.

Andrew is saying “HI DAD, I HAD FUN!” IMG_6767

I had to leave the fun room as I was a distraction… oh well, I will get my turn when sports start! I watched from in the truck, hoping no one was going to report me as a peeping tom.

After that is was back out to the campground for lunch and a nap, well almost. There is a book sale at the Library! $3.00 for a grocery bag full of books. Unacceptable I say. That seems like a bad deal to me. We gave them $6.00 for 1 bag. The lady is like “are you sure?” yes, we are sure...

After I dropped Traci and Andrew off at the campground I went up to the Sobeys to pick up my race package for Mondays tilt. I am always happy with a nice race shirt, but this one is amazing! I love technical clothing! Love them! So, by all accounts this is the best 10k race I have ran, and I haven’t ran it yet…

So when I got back, they were ready for their nap and I got ready for a run. I ran 7k tempo run, and it was good! When I got done I went and stood in the river for 10 minutes. I just love running while camping, especially when there are glacier fed streams to go cool off in afterwards.

We had a long walk after naps, followed by a great supper of greek style ribs, with tinfoil potatoes and carrots, followed by a very long play session at the playground. Andrew is really coming into his own when playing with other kids. Hi is very polite and actually likes to share his stuff.

We had one final walk this evening, and this is where we found our next great fireside tradition. We were walking by a group of campers that were roasting croissants over the fire. I asked “Are those croissants you are roasting over your fire?” yep they were, and they said they were incredible. Also Donuts! Freaking donuts over the fire!!!! They swore by them! They actually offered one to us but we turned them down as we had a couple stale donuts in the camper that we wanted to try ourselves. We did. and they were freaking terrific! Now I have already started to formulate ways to make the croissants better, even though I haven’t had one over the fire. Imagine, if you will, a fire roasted croissant dipped in a butter and jam mixture… OMG! yum.

That was our day. I am sitting next to the fire looking forward to a roasted marshmallow (I know, how retro!) and then a game of Crib before bed…

Another good day!

Not a picture of this trip, but a telephoto shot  I liked from Mt Kidd.IMG_6585

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