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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visit with Steven…

We had supper over at Auntie Carols. It was AC, Uncle Mo, Doug, Debbie, Curtis, Traci, Andrew and Myself. Andrew did his normal magic on everyone and had them eating out of his hand within minutes…

After supper we went to the hospital to visit with Steven. He looks pretty good, he is tired but I guess that is to be expected. His sense of humour is in fine form. We took him a Lego Technic kit, a Harvester Combine of course, as he is a farmer. I felt a little funny though as most of the things he has received so far are high tech gadgets. Oh well, he seemed quite pleased with it AND it doesn’t ever need batteries, hehe.

Andrew was very timid and clingy in the room. He kept eying up the IV tree and staying really close to me while looking around at everything. He really had a freak out when the nurse came in to change Stevens medicine on the tree. He was really distressed. IMG_7141

He seemed to be better shortly after the nurse left and he warmed up to his normal jovial self. He was offering up his grapes to everyone and he even  helped get Steven a drink a bit later. Steven is a champ, he is such a nice kid, when Andrew walked up to him the first time and quietly said something (in his own language), Steven looked right at him and answered him with a nice “uh huh, that’s for sure..”. Andrew thought that was really cool and sort of clung to Steven from then on.

We spoke to Steven about his central med line and he lifted up his shirt to show us. I asked him if I could take a picture that I could put on the internet, he said “Sure, if you want my nipple in the picture…” IMG_7140

We just had some comfortable small talk for the rest of the visit. I think there will be plenty of time in the future to chat about bigger stuff, bit for now it’s just like it always has been, how we pick up our conversations in the middle, even though we may not have spoken for a year. It was getting late by then so we said our goodbyes, Andrew was all huggy by then, so it was a good goodbye, and we will see them tomorrow again…IMG_7148 IMG_7145

Oh yeah, Early in the conversation tonight I was a little shocked to hear Steven talking about selling his dirt bike, as he would not be able to use it…. Then he says, I want to buy a bigger one!!! hehe, we adults, we read too much stuff into stuff don’t we?

I am running this 16k route tomorrow morning. Not a world beater, but I am taking our small camera as this river valley is amazing.

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