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Thursday, September 3, 2009

It’s like we had 4 days off from our vacation…

… because we are off to Okotoks tomorrow for the Labour Day long weekend. We probably wouldn't have gone out, but I am in the Sheep River Road Race on Monday morning and it just seemed to make it really easy to run it if we are 4 blocks away from the start line, instead of having to drive, find parking, figure out when and where Traci and Andrew should be at what time etc…

Good enough excuse to camp again??

So I will go to the start line on my own. The race passes about a hundred feet from our campsite; twice actually; so Andrew can see his ol’ dad mid course! Fun stuff.

The camper is in the driveway, ready to go at a moments notice!IMG_3900

We also really like the Lions Sheep River Campground. This will be the third time this summer we (well, me, I solo camped there while A & T were in USA) have spent time there. It’s only 21km from our house, but we just really like to be in the camper. We have a really fun routine at night now while camping too. Traci puts Andrew to bed while I do the blog. She reads the blog while I start the fire. We sit around the fire for an hour, then go play crib for an hour before we go to bed. The other part of that routine I like is this; I put the water in the coffee percolator so I can just fill the top with coffee grounds in the morning and the perc-in’ is ready to perc as soon as we get up. It really is like Christmas for me every night in the camper as I can’t wait for camper coffee the next morning. I get so excited for it I can hardly stand it.

The donks will come with us this trip. We missed their antics last time, and I like the walks I am forced to take them on a few times a day. I think Andrew missed them too!

The food in his hand here is like a magic wand, Andrew can make them do ANYTHING when he has food in his hand! In the donks minds it’s “DROP IT tiny human!”IMG_4623

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