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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Walking, walking and more walking…

Oh yeah, we did some walking today, all over town and a little bit out of town. I took the dogs for a number of walks. They always allow me to get into conversations with people and it really enriches our camping experience knowing about many of the other campers lives.

Andrew, Traci and I took a walk through the pathways that lead downtown. That's where we spotted our take-out pasta joint for later. Okotoks Pizza and Pasta. We also walked part of my race route that I didn’t get to see yesterday on my run. Then it was back to the campground and off for a drive.

Today we went to the Saskatoon Farm. Saskatoon berries are the main attraction, but they keep you there with many other items. Literally many other items. There are rooms after rooms of trinkets, knick-knacks, furniture, clocks, stained glass, corny signs, etc,etc,etc. They also have an amazing bakery that produces Saskatoon berry pies, syrup, jam, drinks, bread, scones, muffins, tarts, etc,etc,etc. AND they now have a really nice big restaurant that is new since we were there last year. The outside is pretty cool, you walk up from the gravel parking lots, around a big planter with trees and flowers and this is what you are treated to. Very unique indeed! The entire far half of what you see in the picture is brand new!IMG_6818

They also have a pot bellied pig, roosters, cats and other little farm critters running around as it is a working farm.

We drove through the countryside back to Okotoks, taking in some roads we haven’t seen before and ended up at a playground that was the perfect size for Andrew. He had a blast, running from apparatus to apparatus, just laughing and sweating and laughing some more! Even Mom got into the action!

IMG_6857IMG_6897  IMG_6867 IMG_6883 IMG_6892 IMG_6826IMG_6894

On our drive we were treated to a close up view of a pair of gigantic hawks. How majestic. Once they flew off, I couldn’t help taking a few photos of a proud Mare and her Foal.IMG_6787   IMG_6805


After lunch and naps it was time for another walk. We ended up downtown again, but a block over from where we were earlier. This is the original street of Okotoks and it has signs explaining all these 90-100 year old homes, where they came from and a bit of history on each. It was pretty cool. IMG_6912IMG_6916

What do you think of the addition to the place. Do you think the braces and timbers are there for a reason? yikes. See the cracks in the wall? these braces are permanently installed here!IMG_6911

This startled us a bit, we came across this deer looking after the trimming of this persons unkempt driveway… right downtown.IMG_6917

It cooled off quite a bit so we kicked around in the camper for a while, until it was time to order supper. We had a lasagna, a spaghetti, and a garlic cheese wedge pizza with marinara dip. This is called carb loading before an endurance race! one of the benefits of running! The cool thing was we had it delivered right to the campsite.

After supper, you guessed it, another walk! IMG_6937

We ended up at Safeway for some chapstick (my lips were on fire), and then we went on a big circle walk over to the composite high school where the start of the race will be and then walked the remainder of the race course that we hadn’t seen yet. Andrew is pretty funny in the stroller. He flips the convertible top down so the plastic window is right in front of him and looks through it like he is looking out the window of a submarine. IMG_6924

A little later on in the walk, he got tired of riding and he actually walked the last kilometer of our walk by himself, even helping out with the stroller for a bit.IMG_6933

He does have a bit of an oddity to add to his personality now. He talks to trees. He stops at most trees, get up really close to them, says something and then turns and carries on with the walk. Quite funny to see. He's not kissing them or licking them, he's just an inch away telling it something very important.IMG_6928

That's pretty much it for the day. Lots of walking, which is always good, and a very tired little boy, which is always REALLY good!

Oh, yeah, I will run my personal best tomorrow for a 10K race, of less that 53  minutes and 30 seconds. I am dedicating this race to my little buddy Steven who just started his Chemo treatments today, so this race is for you Steve! IMG_6938

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