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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Makin’ you way in the world to-day…

…takes everything you’ve GOT! That’s the first line in the Cheers theme song. As I was pulling into the Okotoks Lions Campground and waving to many familiar faces, I was humming this song. WHere everyBUHdy knows your naaa-aame, da Da DA. C’mon sing along!

First it was Irene and the front desk when we checked in. The first thing she says when I walked in the door was “Hi Neil, you know, we are expecting you to attend our pancake breakfast in the morning”, uh, Hi Irene, and, well, of course!

Next was Tony, my lovable RV technician and all around good story teller. He stopped as he was getting home from work and told me a bunch of stories of what has happened in the last 5 weeks since I was here last. There was the bachelor party where the hooker was screaming at the top of her lungs at 3am. Then the drunk driver who flipped his truck over the embankment about 100 feet away from his camper. That was just 2 weeks ago.

The best though, is our Neighbour. Irene put us in exactly the same spot as we were the first time we camped here, site 37. As I was finishing the outside set-up, Feryl came over. Remember him? He is the WW2 Lancaster tail gunner, that was camped next to us that time. And he is in exactly the same site, right next to us. How cool. He is here for the whole weekend as him and his wife attend the Turner Valley Jamboree as Country and Western dancers! Way to Go Feryl!! He is at least 86 years old and still cutting a rug!

The first picture is back in June, the second I just took. Freaky!IMG_4999 IMG_6773

So we didn’t know this, but there is a big town wide festival going on here. A pet parade, a book sale at the library, a rodeo… all kinds of fun family stuff. It just proves, you don’t always have to have a plan to have fun! Yay for us for camping here this weekend. Oh, the other thing is, we have been recruited for campground watch. All the camphosts have come up to me separately and told me to be on the lookout for partyers after 11pm quiet time. I am to come find them and they will deal with the offenders accordingly.

We can’t make the pet parade as we are heading back into the city for Andrews first Dance class. He just loves to dance, so who are we to argue. It is the funniest when we watch ‘So You Think You can Dance’ on TV, Andrew attempts ALL the moves, and he is getting quite good! When we get back I have to pick up my race package at the Sobeys and then it’s party party PARTY, in Okotoks!!, 2 year old style! Sure looking forward to the day.

All this fun is a bit reluctant, as we received a phone call today that my best friends’ son has been diagnosed with Anaplastic large cell lymphoma. He is 12 years old and is about to embark on the battle of his life as he was just diagnosed today. We will be putting little Steven and his family in our daily prayers. Good luck little man, we are here for you!

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Hembree said...

I'll be adding Steven to my prayers also...