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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Husky Sweats…

pants_grey_sideOk, so if you have never owned a pair of University of Saskatchewan Husky Athletics sweatpants… you haven’t lived. they are the most comfortable sweats you will own, and being that they are branded UofS Huskies, it makes you instantly cool. As is righteous. Not cool as in cold ‘cause they are sweats. hehe.

We went to the University today to get a new pair. Ok, backtrack- These sweats don’t wear out either. Traci and I both lost a bunch of weight and our current pairs don’t fit well (for going out anyway, the big ones are that much more comfortable for lounging in) and we needed new ones. The UofS is under renovations and we couldn’t find the store so we went to the Midtown mall and found what we were looking for at The Bay. $234.56 later we escape. Andrew is outfitted, Neil is Outfitted, Traci is outfitted, and for taking care of Zo and Dinkdink, Nan and Poppop are outfitted. We justified the costs by saying it was the price of staying in a hotel and putting the donks up in a kennel for the weekend, where we are camping and putting the donks up at Nans. The sweats make you a better person by just putting them on. Look-em up online and order them now!

Our day sort of started at 3:30am when Andrew fell out of bed. We heard this loud thump, Traci sits up in bed and asks “was that Andrew?” yep, we look down and his head pops up and he crawl back onto his sofa bed and goes right back to sleep. I could hear Traci’s thoughts right at this point because I purposely left the bed rail at home as he has never fallen out of anything, and I reassured her he wouldn’t. I could feel the ol’ laser eyes beaming through me in the dark, yikes. I got up and propped a couch pillow under the sheet so he wouldn’t fall out again. We all went back to sleep. I got up at 5:30am to have a drink and a bite to eat as I was going to run at 7am. After a glass of water I went back to bed.When I  woke up I was ready to go. I crawled out of bed trying not to wake Traci and Andrew. I looked up a the clock and just about choked. It was 10:10am. We have NEVER slept this late in the camper before, in fact I can’t remember a day since Andrew was born that we slept this late. I guess we needed the sleep or else it wouldn’t have happened. I was a little ticked I never got to run, but I made up for it with a tasty Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns and Toast breakfast… yum. We got ready shortly after and went out as mentioned above.

We had lunch in the Mall, and Andrew ate really well. He doesn’t  normally like meat, but put it on a stick and hoo-wee, it might as well be a popsicle, he just devoured my souvlaki on a stick from Opa’s Greek kiosk.CIMG6586

As we finished lunch we called Carey and were requested to bring Steven a Fettuccini Alfredo from Vanelli’s. We went and got that and headed up to the hospital. Steven was deep in concentration building the lego tractor we purchased for him as he had just finished putting together the Combine. The Combine was really cool actually, and I was happy he enjoyed it. Andrew went over to it and grabbed it off the shelf and Steven just about jumped out of his chair “WHOA” he says, and takes it and places it a bit farther back on the shelf. Good for you Steven, you know what is important. I have plenty of models I have built that are in styrofoam peanuts in boxes downstairs that will come out when Andrew know what is a toy and what isn’t. We got to see Steven’s Gramma (Careys Mom) Myrna. The last time we saw her was 12 years ago at our North Battleford wedding reception. It was good to see her, and she looked great! We finished our visit as Andrew was getting tired and Steven was even more tired so we headed back to the campground for naps. I was feeling quite good at this point so as soon as Traci and Andrew were comfortable I headed out for my run. 17km on a gorgeous day on the Meewasin Valley Trail system along the South Saskatchewan River. It was terrific. I am so lucky these days, my last 4 long runs have been in Radium Hot Springs, BC, Kananaskis Country, AB, Okotoks, AB, and Saskatoon, SK. If I wasn’t a runner I could never have experienced these places so intimately.

Traci and Andrew were just getting up when I got back an 1.75 hours later, so after my dermal abrasion (the free showers here have the strongest pressure I have ever experienced) we made supper. Thin sliced New York steak on Teriyaki Noodles and a side of Corn. Yeah, we are really roughing it here.

After supper we called Carey to see if we should come see Steven again, but he was sleeping so we decided a visit in the morning before we take off would be better. We were going to pack up and head over to Auntie Carols again, but they wanted to come out and see us at the trailer. Well ok then, we tidied up a bit and had a really nice visit with AC, UM, and Doug. IMG_7176

Uncle Mo played with Andrew the whole time. When we moved the visit into the trailer (mosquitoes) Uncle Mo picked up once of our couch cushions and asked Andrew if he wanted to have a cushion fight. Andrew went right over to the other cushion, picked it up and whomped UM with it.IMG_7177 That went on for a while, and then they started playing catch with a soft ball. UM would ask, “Are you ready?” and Andrew would squeal “YEAH, YAY!!!!!” and make us all laugh.

We finished our visit with Hugs, High fives and Kisses all around. That Andrew, always the hit of the party. 

We were craving some Tim Horton's so we hopped in the Truck and took a drive over to 8th Street. We went all the way over there as the neighbourhood that is adjacent the campground is not very nice, as proved by the hookers strolling down 20th Ave as we drove with our doors locked over to more comfortable streets. We took a scenic tour down 8th and around Circle Drive, and came into our CG from a different direction to avoid the worst parts of the ‘hood. It’s all worth it for an Extra Large Double Double though isn’t it?

earlier in the evening I walked around and took some pictures of our CG. The place is next to a nice golf course and buffered from the ‘hood by a bunch of ball diamonds, football stadium and hockey rinks. The site itself is REALLY pleasant, and as I said before, a true oasis in the city.

IMG_7154IMG_7160  IMG_7151 IMG_7172 IMG_7163

We will visit Steven in the morning then come back and break camp and hit the highway. Should be a good day on the road as we have the while day to get home. 

Here is the pic of the week. Andrew is FAST asleep here. Pretty comfortable in his rolling home. In his words whenever we approach the trailer “Dere it is! Home!”CIMG6585

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