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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Large Ungulate! Large Ungulate!

…is what I yelled when I saw them… er, actually it may have sounded more like “Moose, Moose!” and then I slammed on the brakes and pulled off the side of the highway to get pictures. I found it funny, with all the driving we have done in the past 5 years in Alberta and BC, we should come across the first moose we see in that time in Saskatchewan, just outside of the small farming community of Fielding. I backed down the shoulder of the highway for about 1/2  a click as I wanted to drive down the gravel road and get a better picture, but as soon as I got to the approach, I looked up and *poof* they were gone. huh. Oh well, I did get a couple blurry pictures to prove we saw them… and one of the Camper in a wheat field too, we are in Saskatchewan after all! IMG_7128a IMG_7135

We are now set up at Gordon Howe RV park in Saskatoon. If you follow hockey, you know that name. It’s a really nice oasis in a really dodgy part of town. They have good security all night here though, so that is good. IMG_7139

We took the time to visit the North Battleford City Cemetery. My Poppa and Granni are buried here. Traci said it best “it always makes you realize how much you miss them when you visit” it’s true, I got that when we pulled up and saw the gravestone. We picked up some flowers to place, and were pleasantly surprised to see how nice it looked, not just at their site, but all over the cemetery. It was a really peaceful moment for us.  IMG_7117aIMG_7125

we left there and hit the road for Saskatoon.

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