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Friday, October 23, 2009

Football Game!

CIMG0114Dad (aka Poppop) took me to the Stampeders game tonight. While he has season tickets, its the first game I've been to in a couple of years. Calgary played Edmonton, and if Calgary wins they assure themselves of a playoff spot.

Dad has season tickets to the Stamps, but we cheer for the Roughriders.

It’s pretty funny actually. If you took all the people that moved from Saskatchewan to Calgary, The amount of people in Calgary would be larger than Saskatchewan’s largest city. For those readers from the states, Saskatchewan is the province next to Alberta where Calgary is located. Alberta has been the place where most people move from Saskatchewan, but people from there remain VERY loyal to their football team.

The stadium holds about 30,000 people and whenever Saskatchewan come to town, at least HALF the fans are in the Green and white of the riders. It is pretty good fun, save for the occasional fight or drunken buffoonery that inevitably comes out of the end zone seats, where most of the Saskatchewan fans sit. The people that sit around Dad’s seats are really nice and we always have a fun time egging each other on.    

So tonight's game was against the Edmonton Eskimos, no real rivalry issues, as whenever the stamps are playing anyone else besides the Roughriders, we cheer for the stamps. The game started REALLY slowly. well into the 2nd quarter it was still 3-1 for Edmonton.CIMG7029 But after the half, Calgary turned up the offence and ended up winning 30-7. So again for the benefit of our American readers, you can score a single point in the CFL by missing a field goal or having a punt kicked though the end zone. I know, I know…

It was a fun game, relatively low key, but fun. We did leave before the game was over as it was a bit cold, and we didn’t want to be stuck in traffic. CIMG7033

Thanks Dad, it was good fun!

Pic of the day. This couple were both sniffing little bottles of (what I can only guess is) aromatherapy while waiting at a traffic light. She was actually putting the stuff behind her ears…CIMG0110

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Hembree said...

There will be NO leaving the stadium when our boys are playing...no matter how cold it is!!!