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Friday, October 9, 2009

I was walking through Costco…

…and I kept hearing all sorts of weird conversations from people around me. I would hear someone say “Look look… “ and then “ Awwwwwww” or, “Oh my gawd that is cute” and, at one point I looked over my shoulder to catch some one actually taking our picture…

I’m not sure why everyone was acting so strangely, do you?


Yeah, he was pretty tired… I took my hand away at one point to get my Costco card out and he grabbed it and put it back where he could lean on it again. It’s one of those moments that I feel like the most lucky person on the planet. Awesome.

 CIMG0091 CIMG0092 CIMG0087

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Hembree said...

Rick NEVER sleeps in the buggy...he's too busy trying to stand up...or grab things...or open bags to eat things in the store... Send me that sweet boy so that I can go shopping in peace!!!...I'll even snag a pillow for his comfort!