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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Runnin runnin, I’m runnin runnin…

I am running again. yay.

I ran a race on Saturday night. It was the Nike Human Race. NikeHR_image

It is run all over the world. The runners who registered for the online tracking of their runs, ran a total of 799,314 miles, 10k at a time. This is the equivalent of just under 128,000 runners worldwide.It was pretty neat to be a part of that and from a local level it was a well run event.  The more I run the more I meet nice people. There were a  few people I knew there and it was nice to touch base and see what they have been up to over the summer. People who run are similar to people who RV. Just plain nice. There is an honesty to running that you can’t fake.

I also started a new 1/2 marathon clinic, but not as a mere runner, but as a group leader! There were 35 people that signed up for the clinic, so that makes it quite challenging for the instructor and group leaders but it usually thins out to half by the 2nd or 3rd week. Last night I ended up running with the slowest runner. For some reason there are about 6 people that signed up for this clinic that have not ran a mile in their life. I actually advised the lady I was running with to change clinics. Go back to a learn to run or a 5k clinic. I told her it would be more rewarding and that she would probably avoid a lot of frustration and possibly some debilitating injuries trying to keep up with the rest of the group. This running thing I do is for a lifetime, not just one race or clinic. We are not trying to build elite athletes here, just people who love to run.

That said. She never showed up tonight for the club run.

So… I got to run out front, going fast, where I like it. I had 3 people with me and it was a really good run.

I do have a pretty big beef about the clinic tho. The instructor they got has never run with the Running Room before. SO, he comes in yesterday with no idea about the program promoted by the store. Tonight he came to me and asked if I could help him. Yeah, sure I can. Just follow the plan. The Running Room stores have an incredible track record of graduating runners to their goals, so don’t mess with the program. I advised him to go and read the Running Room book. He said he has had the book for a couple months but hasn’t read it yet. Big surprise. I gave him a couple critical chapters to read so he can be ready for our next run on Sunday, but boy does he have a bunch to re-learn. He is a nice guy, and has been running for years, but this plan is very specific in it’s delivery and the people taking the course rely on the structure. So, good luck Mr. Teacher.

I am happy to be back in the structure of the run club, and I know it will be a great winter of running. The goal race is on Feb 14th and is called the Hypothermic Half… hehe.

Home notes: Traci had been battling a cold, and Andrew has picked up a bit of a sniffle. We got our seasonal flu shots last week, but are waiting until Andrew is a bit better before going for our H1N1 shots. Also, Traci is starting a company called “Getta-Gift” making gift baskets. She has all kinds of baskets designed for all kinds of occasions. It’s an exciting time here in the house! We will be starting up a website for her and then it’s sell sell SELL!

Pic of the day… Andrew shopping… Nuff said!CIMG0127

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