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Friday, October 2, 2009

S’posed to snow…

tomorrow morning, as I run another half marathon. I am looking forward to it as this date restarts my running year. I went for my first run last year on this day (Close a circle, open another. Here is a link that explains that reference), in my baggy sweats and cotton t-shirt, 60lbs heavier than I am now.   It was more of a walk with short spurts of running, but nonetheless, it got me started. By tomorrow, at noon I will have run 2 half marathons and 5 10k races in the last year. cool. I really don’t mind the snow and cold when running as I had to buy all the proper gear last year to get through the winter. Running is MUCH more fun with all the gear and gadgets.

Pic of the day. A chubby little gopher out in Kananaskis. He was really busy collecting a lot of whatever it is that gophers collect.IMG_6562

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