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Thursday, October 1, 2009

They don’t even know it yet…

… but they are going to be the best of buddies. One guy is in Alberta and the other is in Tennessee.

This connection started with RVing. More specifically RVing blogs. A few months ago I started reading Howard and Linda Payne's Blog, RV-Dreams. I spent a few months reading through 4 years of daily postings about how they went full time RVing. It is a fascinating read, but be warned, it is addictive.

Anyway… I started to follow other RV blogs and finally I ended up on the RV Dreams Chatroom talking with many of the people that were referenced in Howards and Linda’s Blog.

One person called herself Hembree. She has a blog called 2025. Her blog is a memoir for her grandson (born to her adopted Daughter, but now living with Hembree (Lisa is her actual name). Lisa reads everyone's blog and is friends with everyone on the chats. Lisa’s Grandson is Rick. The first time I spoke to her on Chat, she joked around about Rick coming to live here with us in Calgary, to be a brother to Andrew (Traci was like “Seriously?” …OK!). You see, Lisa had read ALL of our blog and knew everything about us. I in turn went onto her blog and read all the background on Rick and the rest of Lisa’s Family. 

Skipping forward a few months to today and you will see a big package of stuff sitting on our dining room table that is going to be mailed out in a couple days, from Andrew to Rick. These 2 little boys are going to be pen pals, internet mates, sports buds, whatever you want to call it, because Traci and Lisa have really hit it off. They do acknowledge that the connection is more about them right now,but in time they will hand it off to the boys. The coolest part is they could be twins. Andrew was born on July 24th and Rick was born on July 18th the same year. They even look alike, don’t you think?

 rick IMG_6509

Andrew has a little more hair, but other than that… twins.

So Traci has this Package of stuff ready to go, and apparently there is a package coming this way from Tennessee as well. Maybe one day we can all be sitting in the stands at their college football game and laugh about how we all came to be together. Pretty neat this interweb stuff hey?

Pic of the day, as we plan to tuck the camper away for the season, we reflect on an amazing season of camping and time spent together… Picture is taken out the back of the camper at Lake MacGregor Estates in late July.IMG_5398a

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