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Sunday, June 13, 2010


…degrees today. I am glad I am near a lake. As Doug and Sue pointed out in the comments a couple posts ago”

“…from snow to swim in how many days???”

Well, to be exact, 10 days since the last snow. 28f/-3c 10 days ago and snow. Today 81f/27c and swim! *woot*

Andrew was sleeping by 7:30 last night. We were going to have some marshmallows with him, but his eyelids were too heavy, and he was out before we could light a match. Oh well, Traci and I had a nice fire (no marshmallows) and just enjoyed the sunset (see last post) the birds (this is an amazing area for birds) and the flames. I am pretty sure I'm not alone when I say I really like watching a campfire. IMG_2775 IMG_2780IMG_2763IMG_2757

Earlier in the day I took some time to catch the feel of the area with the camera. It wasn’t overly busy, but I am sure this place becomes a zoo on non Rodeo Days. IMG_2717IMG_2742

This is Lake Newell Resort. Real houses masquerading as cottages, IMG_2723 This one makes me relaxed just looking at it. IMG_2727 This is where the phrase “a boatload of people” came from. IMG_2731 This is oil country afterall, Lots of BIG trucks.IMG_2737 Took this right from my chair at the campfire. IMG_2773 Yes… this.kid.is.peeing.IMG_2789 A different perspective of the sunset.IMG_2820 The girl on the left is actually sitting in a Kayak.IMG_2714 Pleasant. IMG_2720

I spoke with the boss, and we have an extra day out here. So while we watch all the other people pack up and leave to drive on some very busy highways, back to where ever they come from, we will be on the beach. We have a wiener roast booked for noon, swimming all afternoon and then Tinfoil dinners over the fire for supper, then Marshmallows. We may even get a nice bird watching hike in. Sounds like fun, don’t you think?

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