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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A great day…

Here are the photo highlights. City, rivers, lakes, mountains, naps… tiny bunnies.

Andrew and Daddy went to see Martin run his 100th marathon this year alone. He is attempting 250 of them. He is raising money for Right to Play.IMG_2148 Yeehaw!IMG_2160Nice fountain! IMG_2164Little man in a big city… IMG_2170more big city… looks good from this spot. IMG_2171Duck…Duck… GOOSE! This one kept coming so we got out of there. IMG_2193and went for a picnic! Cops were everywhere! (helping for a bike race, actually) IMG_2196I like birds up dere. IMG_2201 I gotta blow my nose…IMG_2205

That is a nice picture of a wild crocus, if I say so…IMG_2222Sibbald Flats…gorgeous  IMG_2230It’s ALL good! IMG_2235A nice trail we took… IMG_2237See we were here! IMG_2246Ugh… another climb… IMG_2247The colors are what attracted me… IMG_2271A really nice walk on this trail…IMG_2332Huh, imagine that… IMG_2275wow IMG_2280The Elbow River. I told Andrew that this was where Calgary’s drinking water came from. He asks, “who turned on the tap?” I said “God” He said… “oh…ok!”IMG_2283Does it get any better than this? IMG_2287Nope… just about perfect… IMG_2300He would have thrown every rock into the river if we let him! IMG_2309He loves to be outside in the BIG mountains! IMG_2317Man that is a BIG rock. He threw it, but it never made it to the river… IMG_2323Beauty in the wild… IMG_2327And lastly, this little guy showed up in the yard this evening. Andrew LOVED it, Traci wanted to adopt it. I said… (obviously) no.  big meanie. IMG_2348

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