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Saturday, June 26, 2010

First few items on the list

1. Gravel road

I tend to take the road less travelled, and I know it drives Traci nuts most of the time. This time I lay total blame on my Palm Pre and Google Maps… It was only 8km, but still… sheesh.


And the boy was trying to sleep too. Poor guy.


2. Guy at gate

When we got the the campground we had to wait at the gate to get in. IMG_3931 What I didn’t understand was, why are the people stopping 30 feet short of the little house and having the guy walk back and forth… very slowly. Anyhow, we got up there and he asks our name, I tell him and he goes “So it’s Neil and Debbie?”… “Oh sorry, that was last month wasn’t it?” hardeeharhar har….

3. Andrew Swimming

The boy loves him a good lake!

IMG_3941 IMG_3961 IMG_3968

4. Scrunchy RV park

I was pre-grumpy coming here as I knew we were destined for the RV Park portion of the ‘resort’ I wasn’t surprised, it does kind of suck. I booked 3 months ago, but this place lets you book a year in advance, so all the nice serviced larger sites in the trees are taken up now for next year at this time. IMG_4130 When the guy on our door side showed up, his wife directed him 2 feet onto our property, she kept telling him to move over further and further toward us. We were sitting in the camper watching all this and finally I had enough. I went outside and pretty much stared at them with the ol’ stinkeye until they got the hint and moved over. I really wish I didn’t have to be ‘that guy’ but there are fixed gravel pads to park on and he was fully 2 feet onto our already small plot of land. IMG_4080 Oh well, one less social interaction to worry about this weekend. Turns out it was an ok thing as he got himself plastered drunk and staying in an idiotic stupor all weekend. (Traci actually heard the guy say “I moved the camper over because that guy looked at me cock-eyed”).. hehe, yay, my work is done here!  Here is our view of his trailer from our patio… IMG_4200

5. disgruntled I

It’s true, I’ve been a bit sour, but sometimes doesn’t being a bit sour just feel right? I’m still having fun, but I'm just not my jubilant cartwheeling self! (ed. note: today I am jubilant and have done 3 back-handsprings already this morning)

6. Jackass neighbour

see #4 above.

7. Propane dude

One our tanks were out, so I took it over to the store to get filled. When the guy finishes filling it up, I ask how much is it going to be? He states “A buck a pound, so $30.00”. We head over to the store so I can pay and by the time I get there I have done some math in my head. Yep. “So, $30.00 huh?, but you are only allowed to fill the tank to 80% of capacity, so I should only have to pay $24.00”. The dude just looks at me… “It’s a 30lb tank, so it’s $30.00”. “Um, but you only put 24lbs in…”. “Yeah, but this is what we charge for a 30lb tank, and it’s based on what we pay our supplier for delivery and stuff”. “ok, but now i’m paying $1.20lb, where in town I pay $.75lb, so you are saying you have to charge $.55lb more that in town, 15 minutes from here?”

The guy had taken my money by then and had decided not to talk to me anymore. Did I tell you I was sort of grumpy still? I was making friends ALL OVER the place here at Old McDonalds Resort…

8. Storm

It was pretty awesome, really heavy rain, high winds. We use quite the system to keep our awning in place once set up, so I sat outside under the awning during the storm. It calmed me down…IMG_4027 IMG_4045 IMG_4065 IMG_4071 IMG_4073 IMG_4074

Still to come…

9. Walkabout

10. Driveabout

11. Andrew walmart

12. Creepy handshaker

12. sunset

13. Other campground shots…

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Sue and Doug said...

by the time I got to the bottom of all the great photos, I forgot what was on the list!!!..great job once again..you never disappoint!!1