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Monday, June 21, 2010

My boy…

… has a new best buddy. His first good bud in fact. The next door neighbour family has a 4 year old that really likes Andrew and the feeling is mutual. The other day Kieran comes over into our yard, walks up to Andrew and asks “Do you want to play Hide and Seek? … Yesth, replies Andrew. The funniest game of Hide and Seek ensues. They hide in the exact same spot each time, but are no less excited when they find each other.

Today Kieran comes over into our yard and Andrew and him have a hug before they start playing. They were so happy to see each other. They ran through the sprinklers, played on the slide and just had an great time. It melts my heart to see Andrew so well adjusted to be able to play that well with other kids. Andrew is all about sharing and cooperative play. He has as much fun sharing his stuff, as he does playing with it.

Laughing and running and just having a good time. It is also awesome that Andrew talks well enough to get along with the 4 year old. Man I love my little guy.


Poppop said...

So do I !!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

My son Ian is also really good with kids his age - but also with adults! I actually envy his ability to talk to adults with such ease. He's really bonded with this guy down the street, who's a big fan of fishing (like Ian), but whose own son just doesn't care for it (like me).

Ian'll head down there to talk to the guy about fishing for what seems hours.