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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Everyone left…

…except us.

Actually, I’m surprised at how many are still here. Probably only half the campers left, leaving a nice amount here. Beautiful, isn't it?IMG_2860

We weren’t going to go to town, but it was pretty windy, so we figured a tour was in order. Turned out to be a gas stop, pick up some cheese and crackers for our little master, and then a dairy queen burger for lunch.

Oh, here is where the fair WAS. last night. Amazing how fast the pick up and leave. Rent must have been due…IMG_2861

We got back to the campsite and headed straight for the beach. We enjoyed 2 hours of great fun in the sand and water.  IMG_2868 Lots of sky, water and sand. A recipe for FUN!IMG_2873  We built these. IMG_2891He crushed them… IMG_2905 “Build me more sandcastles!”… OK!IMG_2911

Yoda likes to be wrapped up. He says “Wrap me up!”IMG_2881

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