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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brooks is known for…

…it’s meat packing plants and feedlots. But just 14km south of the small Southern Alberta town is Kinbrook island Provincial park. We had zero expectations coming in, but man are we surprised at how nice it is here. First things first.

Karma is a bitch. everyone knows that. Karma can also be awesome. We like to think we are pretty good people and we really try to be nice and considerate and all things like that.

On the Alberta reserve a site website, you actually pick your campspot. When I pulled up to the registration window, I knew where were going to be, and it was pretty much the last choice in the nicer side of the campground. I asked if there were any cancellations in better sites and she says “uh, you are in site 115, it’s pretty much the best site in the place”.

Ok, good for us. It’s not the one I selected, but something, someone, or somewhere was changed and we ended up here. Pretty much backing on the lake, a mere 2 minute walk to the beach. The site is large, private, grassy and level. It has a great firepit and a nice BIG picnic table. Yay for us. Karma rocks.IMG_2352 IMG_2375

We got set up, made supper and took a couple walks. We were all pretty wore out from a very busy couple of weeks and so all of were sleeping pretty early. We were all just about asleep, when Traci gets up to investigate a sound outside and she tells me the sunset is amazing. ‘Should I go take pictures?’ I asked. Normally she isn’t all shoot this, shoot that, but this time she said, ‘Yes’ you need to go take pictures… I amvery glad I did. IMG_2396 IMG_2416  IMG_2394

I went out for a final walk with the dogs later and got this long exposure shot after dark too.


We were up at something after 7 this morning and all feeling quite good. Our plan was to head into the Brooks County Fair! Yeah, when we drove through the town on our was out here last evening, we noticed a sign saying it was the Brook Pro Rodeo this weekend. Traci says, ‘maybe they have a fair!’ Yep they do. So we had a nice bacon and egg breakfast, then packed up and went to town. We figured the fair wouldn’t be open yet, so a quick supply visit to Wallyworld would be first. When we got to town we were stopped in our tracks by… A Parade! *Woot* we parked the truck and sat on the curb and watched the last couple floats go by…. IMG_2464

Ah well, we got to see a bit of it.  So we hopped back into the truck and headed over to WalMart. Hehe, about 4 blocks away guess what we see? The start of the parade! We actually got set up on some bleachers and watched the entire parade as it looped it’s way back to it’s origin. It was very well done and as a real treat the Calgary Stampede Showband was here. If you get the opportunity to see this marching band, don’t pass it up. IMG_2475 IMG_2480 IMG_2483 The rest of the parade had it’s usual suspects of advertisers and community clubs present and accounted for. There also was quite a contingent of fire trucks, race cars, old cars and muscle cars too!IMG_2506 IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2501IMG_2504IMG_2516  

Sidenote: I am in the camper typing away right now and I overhear Andrew tell Mommy “I’m having fun camping”

After the parade finished up, we were getting ready to go over to Walmart, but instead we happened to be in the Canadian Tire parking lot, so we went into there to get our supplies and saved our selves some time.

I had a ticket for the $50 million jackpot from last night so I stopped at a 7-11 to check it. I used the pre-check machine and it said I won $20.00 and a free play. I went up to the counter  and the guy checks the ticket and then gives me just my free play. I was like, “um, what about my $20.00?” He goes back, looks at the stub (that he is supposed to give back to me) and says, oh, yeah, I guess i read it wrong. Damn, this guy was out and out trying to steal from me. I am debating reporting it, as there is quite the lawsuits going on with store owners and staff that are stealing from unsuspecting lottery winners. Sign your ticket, get your stub.

After that, we were off the the fair. Again with no expectations. We had the most fun we have had in a long time. We showed up right at opening, so there wasn’t much of a crowd at first, but it didn’t take long to fill up. Andrew was in a pretty foul mood because he didn’t know what a fair was, and just wanted to go back to the campsite. As soon as we got into the midway, the campsite was forgotten. First things first we got our selves some fried lunch from the carnys and sat in some shade and soaked in the atmosphere. IMG_2594 IMG_2528

After we ate, I went and bought a book of 20 tickets for rides. Andrew loves a ride on the Carousel and so that was where we went first. I handed the guy 8 tickets (4 for Andrew and 4 for me, but he gave me back 4 and said parents ride free. Great! We enjoyed that ride immensely. IMG_2539

After the Merry-go-round we went straight for the giant slide. I wasn’t positive about Andrew wanting to go on this as it was quite the climb up on some pretty rickety stairs and the slide down was QUICK! Yeah. no problems there, we went on 5 times in a row, He LOVED IT!. Daddy was pooped!    IMG_2565 IMG_2601IMG_2598IMG_2569 After the slide marathon it was time for Mommy to go on the Carousel too!IMG_2587

During our walkaround I kept Eying up this massive climbing and slide structure, but didn’t think he’d like it as it’s really high! After enough time and enough rides I figured it was time (and besides, Karma came back again and I found 12 more ride tickets on the ground). Don’t know what the other kid did to deserve losing them, but we win.

The first trip through was really slow and tentative, with a lot of positive self talk to get across the suspension bridges and ladders, but I managed to keep up to Andrew. IMG_2649IMG_2619IMG_2653IMG_2638  Mommy and Andrew rode a monkey. hehe.IMG_2616 IMG_2617 Andrew wasn’t a fan of the monkey, but managed a ‘no pictures’ anyway.

On our way out, Andrew got to do a bit of fishing. It was a pretty funny game as he had to magnetically hook a fish and when he pulled it out of the water, it wriggled like crazy. Andrew loved it. He got to choose his prize and, obviously, it’s a giant dice! IMG_2663

That was it for the Fair, I was done, and I think Andrew and Mommy had their fill too. Back at the campground we ate, swam in the lake and generally took it easy. IMG_2704IMG_2675 IMG_2678 IMG_2681

Picture of the day… can a 3 year old really know how to meditate? obviously yes!IMG_2695

Now it’s time for steak and potatos! Yum!

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Sue and Doug said...

sounds like a great "camping" weekend!!.from snow to swim in how many days???