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Monday, June 28, 2010

An 8 year old kid…

… made me feel better about myself… truly.

back story. Traci and Andrew were at the playground the other day and this group of older kids (8yo’s) were very nice and included our little almost 3 year old in their play. At one point one of the kids says to Traci “Man, i love this little kid!” and was very sincere about it.

Front Story. Yesterday we were at the beach building sandcastles and because the sand was so perfect for sandcastles we were being very creative. We had 2 bucket shaped sand domes sitting one on top of the other and were attempting a third. It didn’t quite work out and it fell over and Andrew had a ball stomping the ruins to smithereens.

Out of nowhere an 8 year old kid is walking toward us, and as he goes by he says, “great job on that 3 layer sandcastle, you guys almost had that!”, and he kept walking… I sort of smiled and said “thanks!” I looked at Traci and asked her if she heard that. Smiling she said she did. She said it was the same kid from the playground yesterday.

I had an 8 year old kid, in 11 words, making me feel good about  myself, and just good in general.

It was a Far cry from this…

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