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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Oh yes… Traci said, no lets stay in our site, and then qualified it with, ‘Whatever you want to do’. 45 minutes later we were out of site 475 and into site 198. ooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh. I feel soooo  much better. (did I say that already?) Can’t wait for a fire tonight, because last nights fire was only about 3 feet from the neighbours bathroom… The clerk at the office still made it hard to move. I asked what sites are open and she said none. I asked her “really? there are no sites available on Sunday night here?”, Let me look again, she states. Oh, here are some! Imagine…

From this…IMG_4134

To this…IMG_4367IMG_4368

All in the same campground, all for the same price…good for us! Oh yeah, tomorrow is our 13th wedding anniversary.

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