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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another circle...

We are staying at the (formerly) Salmon Arm KOA, that is now known as the Salmon Arm Camping Resort. We also stayed here on our honeymoon. We really enjoyed our time here then and we are really enjoying our time here now.

It is a terrific resort. Not too big, but accommodating for all sizes of units. We decided to come a day early so they did some juggling and got us into a nice spot, however it was raised up with timbers and presented too much of a falling hazard for Andrew. As we were walking up to the office to request a change, another family had pulled in and I told Traci to hurry up ahead of those people. It turns out we got the spot that they would have been given. Good for us. It's kind of like when you are walking into Tim Hortons and someone is behind you, you never hold the door open for them, because then they would be in line ahead of you. Survival of the fittest maybe not, but survival of the suburban-est, probably. Our spot is REALLY nice. very private and cozy.
The campground has all the amenities, Full hook-ups including cable, swimming pool,
hot tub, well stocked camp store even for this time of year, great showers, laundry room,
free wi-fi, they even have a computer room or people who aren't packing laptops. There is even little sleeping cabins for those who don't have a camper, but want to camp.
We went for a quick drive into town, Salmon Arm is quite a vibrant little town. It seems nice. We Drove over to Sandy Point Campground and happen chanced on a Remote control float plane rally. whodathunkit. It is pretty cool. Must have been a hundred of them on the beach and 4-5 in the air at all times. They are here for the entire week.
Last night was bath night for the little man. He is so friggin' cute. gawd!

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