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Friday, September 19, 2008

Nice Scenery...

We took a short drive from the campsite and found a couple of really nice scenic spots. The first one was Horse thief Canyon. It is very impressive. I am sure a person could just sit on the edge for days, exploring the area, just with his eyes. it is a very complex scene once you really look at it.

We also got some really nice shots of each other with Andrew.


We then continued on over the river to a lookout that looks back across to where we just were. same area but from a different angle it looks very different.

Looking West, amazing.

Looking North, terrific.

Looking East, a wonder.

Looking straight down, What the hell?

I have been guilty in the past of throwing out a banana peel or a small bit of paper, so I am not innocent of littering laws, but what must be going through the minds of the people that dump their old washing machines down this hill?

"hey billy bob.."
"yeah bobby bill?"
"hows 'bout you and I go toss out the ol wershing machine tonight"
"shure bobby bill, i reckon to be goin right past the garbage dump to-day"
"heck billy bob, hows 'bout i tend to make things a might bit easier fer ya, and just push it off the ol' scenery cliffs, down yonder?"
"Well i reckon, that might be a bit bunch more funner than I was gunna do it"
"lets fire up the ol harf ton and git-along!"
"Yee-HAW, yippeeee" *shoot guns in the air*

yeah... nice impression to leave the tourists.

However we did see this shortly after, so that's good fun.

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