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Friday, September 5, 2008

High times in S.A.

We had a really nice day toodling around Salmon Arm today. First I went Golfing at SA Golf Course which is really nice, while Andrew and Traci played and napped in the camper as it was raining in the morning.

When I returned, we all packed up and headed into town to go to the S.A. Fair! It was a dubious beginning when we arrived at the gate to pay our admission. There are 3 people sitting in 2 booths facing each other. I give the money to the first lady, she gives me a till receipt that I am to turn around on the spot and hand to the girl in the other booth 2 feet away so that the 3 girl has approval to stamp my hand. Well, I didn't want my hand stamped. no go. no stampy, no entry. I asked what would happen if was to just walk in. They told me I would regret it, especially if I wanted back in at a later time. I got stamped. It made me not want to return even more.
We got inside and it was crazy in there. The first place we went to was the trade show barn. I was able to get over my phobia of fudge and I purchased a lump pf fudge. No problem. Very tasty. We continued down the barn trade show to the other end. What's this? another Fudge booth! AND it had a sign that said

Probably the best fudge in the world!

huh. well I gotta try that fudge. So we get a lump. I got a lump of maple at the last booth and a lump of maple at this booth. I tried the first one, then I tried the second one that is supposedly the best fudge in the world.

huh. Not only is it not the best fudge in the world, it's not even the best fudge in this barn. False advertising. They probably hope people by only their fudge and not the other guys as well. hehe.

Well from the fudge false advertising debacle we continue on the the animal barns. We saw among other things, little kids blow drying steak, er, I mean cows. I haven't lived on a farm or even really near one, but cows don't seem to need blow drying. I am not even sure a bath is required.

The little horses on the other hand were great. there must have been 100 of the little buggers waiting to be judged by the humorless cowboy in the trenchcoat. Imagine, the fate of your children's happiness is in the hands of this guy. Better get the ice cream ready, there is going to be some tears.

We finally happened upon the midway. What fun! It was alive with the sounds of complaining carnys. They really wanted our money, as we were the only ones there. 'eyes forward, don't make eye contact, I can't hear them. I can't see them, keep walking.

The bingo was intriguing to me. What if Traci and I were the only players? would we always be the winners?

Enough crazy times at the fair. On to bigger and wilder Salmon Arm happening. We were incredibly excited to see all the signs for the Bricks Second annual Tent sale.






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