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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Salsa time!

Andrew will witness his first Salsa making endeavor this weekend. We will blanche the tomatoes on Saturday night and make a big batch of mild and a small batch of both medium and crazyhot. We are using Habaneros for the first time in the hot, so LOOK out!

The Salsa is so tasty. We ran out a while back and went to the store and bought some. Yuck, it was like pouring a salt shaker right into my mouth. The best thing about this salsa is it is VERY healthy. No preservatives, no sugar, no fat, even the salt that is used is only for leeching off the water from the tomatoes, and is poured off before cooking.
Here is the recipe we use, with a few minor changes for different heats. This recipe will give you a decidedly medium heat if followed exactly. You should be able to click this picture and get a larger readable image.

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