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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Badlands...

We are camping at Drumheller's Dinosaur Trail RV Park. I expected it to look like a wasteland, but it turns out to be a really nice park. Very treed and with it turning Autumn, the colors are great.

We were worried about Rattlesnakes. Everyone we talk to said there are rattlesnakes. We have Kenickie for protection, but still, I wouldn't know what to do if I saw one. 'if only I had paid more attention to the Steve Irwin specials...
' Well, no rattlesnakes. but there are hundreds of bunnies instead.

Andrew got to feed a bunny right from his hand. He loved it. The very nice lady at the office gave us a bag of rabbit food to feed at our pleasure. They told us these bunnys have been in this park for 35+ years and are very much a part of the attraction of coming here. Rizzo really badly wants to play with them.

As I said, the park is beautiful. We have a spot that backs onto the river, but us very nicely treed in. The spots are level, grassy and large.

One thing that they do at this park, that I haven't seen at others is light the power boxes. There are no street lights in this park, so instead what they did is supplied the rv power hookup boxes with nice lights on the top of each one. It is very effective for what they are!

Andrew had quite a time this morning running around the mostly empty campground and chasing bunnies, so he konked out pretty early for his nap.

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