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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tidbits... and misc pictures

  • We had a Visitor on Harrison Hot Springs. A Raccoon (we think) tried to steal the dogs blanket that we had outside. It was pulled through the wire fence in 3 different places.
  • Near Manning Park we were following a very slow group of cars led by a Toyota Yaris, Traci says "I think we are going so slow because of that 'Yugo' up there". Hehe, Hey Yaris owners, my wife thinks your car looks like a Yugo!!

  • We were in the Mall parking lot in Chilliwack. There was a guy coming toward us in a wheelchair....... He had no legs....... My truck is named Lt. Dan....... yeesh.

  • We were going to stay up in Sasquatch Prov. park, but we changed our mind and stayed in Harrison proper. good thing, cause, holy crap is it spooky up there.

  • We went to Minter Gardens. Nice place. I bought some very tasty looking 'homemade cream and butter fudge" Yum!! I took a bite as soon as we got on the highway, YUCK it was moldy and slimy gross. I still cringe when I think about it. *gag* It got spit out onto the TransCanada Highway.

  • It was raining in Chilliwack, but I looked toward Vancouver and there was blue sky so I said. "It's raining here but the coast is clear" heh. I like figuring out original catchphrase meanings by accident.

  • The rainforest is wet.

  • The sun sets early in the mountains.

Here is Suzzane and Brad, they keep their own very interesting travel blog here.

Here is our Home sweet away from Home!

And my left foot 200' above the Cascade falls 2km North of Zeller.

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