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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Speaking of spooky..

Last night was a gooder. We were already feeling uneasy with the place we were staying at. Kind of a Hansel and Gretel 'what the heck is this place' feeling. 2 nights ago we heard all kinds of noises from outside, but didn't really check them out for fear of what we might see. The Harrison Springs RV resort is almost a different planet for us. The office is made of tasty candies, but I'm sure it's a trap. there are 12 or so Camper trailers in the REALLY creepy part of the campground that are not occupied.... anymore. *screecsreescreeescreeee*

I took the donks for a walk this morning and Kenickie got a little slug stuck to his back so i 'flicked' it off him. It stuck to my fingernail. yuck.

Everything is just so bloody wet. We chose a site that looked really grassy, but it was just sticky. The place stunk like mold and feet.

Traci and Andrew just stayed in the Camper the whole time and I only went out to water the dogs.

So, anyway, more about creepy. We go to bed knowing something was trying to steal stuff out of our campsite the night before, so we both sleep with one eye open. There were all kinds of noises in the night, however at about 4am we heard our little dog cage rattle. First of all, yikes. Traci asks if I heard that. I am sitting bolt upright in bed, so yes, yes I heard that. I crawl out of bed and slowly crank the blinds open, almost wishing I am not going to see any thing.

you know when you are driving late at night, feeling really tired, and all of a sudden you see eyes in the ditch and you get that massive pump of adrenaline and you almost have a heart attack?

When that giant skunk bolted across our campsite right below the window I just about shit myself. He ran across and went under the camper right below me. I had no clue what to do. Traci must have heard my heart beating because she asked me what it was. All I hoped was that the furnace didn't kick in and freak the skunk out. That'd be all we need.

"uh, travel club? yeah can you send a tomato truck out to hose our camper down?"

The skunk moved on as I had cleared the campsite of any bait last evening, so he went on a tear ripping open the garbage cans on the site for the next hour.

We left first thing this morning. We got to Merrit and were never so happy to see dust.

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