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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Oh yeah,

Another funny thing that happened on the BC Trip.

So, anytime we stopped along the route the dogs would get up from their nap and move about. Well Rizzo typically does not like car rides and doesn't do more than sit up when we stopped. On this longer trip, she started to get used to the truck and would get more and more mobile when we would stop.

I got out of the truck at one gas stop in Grand Forks and was standing by the back window and all of a sudden the window rolls down and Rizzo is look out at me. I thought Traci rolled the window down to talk to me. hehe. nope, Rizzo rolled the window down.

Every time we stopped for gas from then on, Rizzo would roll the window down to see what I was doing. She even did it a couple of times just looking out the window as we were moving. The best part is, while she is standing on the button, I can't roll it back up!

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