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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ah… the sweet splendour of the last day of vacation.


The anxiety of my future working week has crept back into the pit of my stomach. I find myself thinking more and more about what needs to be done at work than what need to be eaten over the fire that’s for sure. There was a point in the middle of the trip that I was completely worry free from work, however, I had to force that way of thinking. I use techniques like deep breathing, while saying, there is nothing that can’t be dealt with when I get back. We are not saving lives here, we are planting trees and putting in patios. Not mind blowing stuff, but the stress of running the business can be overwhelming at times.

This last week was amazing. I take away a new connection to my son and wife, and feel like we are much stronger as a family. Lots of things need to be said in a relationship like a marriage, but there are many things that are unsaid that need to happen as well. Just being able to sit in a room together WITHOUT talking or doing anything really, says alot about your relationships. We connect when we are travelling too. It’s the adventure, I think, that brings out the important stuff for us. It’s where we can think for longer periods before something else takes away our attention. We get to stop and ponder each others points, and make wise choices, not rushed choices.

I feel really good about the memories we get to take away from this trip. We still talk alot about last years camping trip, and I am sure there are plenty of stories from this one that will take over a few spots in our top 10 list.

Like, the mom in McDonalds in Golden, who kept telling her son ‘Wolfgang’ that if he picks up something off the floor and eats it, he will get a disease, and asking him, ‘do you understand?, Wolfgang, you will get a disease, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!’ The 3 year old just looked at her and kept eating his floor fry. First of all, only Eddie Van Halen can call his son Wolfgang and get away with it, secondly, he’s THREE! take the fry away and give him a clean one!

Or the guy at Fortress Crossing that passed me on the highway doing twice the speed limit, only to end up behind me at the till in the store because he couldn’t carry his 24 Budweiser, 8 packs of smokes, Loaf of bread and pack of cheese slices, then pass me again on the highway at twice the speed limit, only to get to the campground at the same time due to traffic. These little lessons on patience and life are free out here in the woods! Not to mention the stink that is going to come out of his tent… hoooweee…

There are 50 good stories to each silly or not so good stories from this trip and we will put  them away in our memory bank (and the backup hard drive once we get home) for our own enjoyment, and especially for our perspective bank. We are very lucky as a family, to have what we have, and to be able to do what we do, in the part of the world we live. We think Andrew is already a good person who is considerate and a pleasure to be around, and we take the credit for that! We give him the space and the opportunity to learn on his own terms, without protecting him from every bad thing that can happen, and in turn he looks at us with love and affection every day while amazing us with his ingenuity and wisdom.

A trip like this just solidifies our resolve to look after each other. I've always told Traci that if I didn’t meet her, and if she didn’t agree to marry me, I would have been a mess. I probably would have been a statistic of some sort by now. And now with Andrew here, It makes me want to be the best person I can be, every hour of every day. It’s not easy some days, but boy do I have every reason to try my darndest!


This blog is pretty therapeutic for me. My butterflies about tomorrow have actually died since I have written what I have written tonight. I think it makes no sense to get all bottled up in trivial things when  the real things are all right and all good!

Yay for blogging! Goodnight now.


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