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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Radium Hot Springs, Summary…

We are hitching up in the morning and pulling out of here. It seems like we should be sad, but we are just moving on to Mt.Kidd RV park in Kananaskis Country back toward Calgary for the following 4 nights. We will be sad when we leave there and have to look back and reflect on this adventure.

Here are pictures of my favourite parts of the trip so far.IMG_6141 IMG_6197 IMG_6240 CIMG6536IMG_6291CIMG6532

   What else has happened?

Well, I walked into the ladies washroom at the Hot Springs tonight. Traci yelled at me loud enough that I turned around in time. I only made it to the second door going in and did not see anything. I promise. I was like “which one did you go in?” she says “that one”. geez, not sure what I was thinking.

Also, while running the other day, there is a sign when you come into Radium that the word ‘Patrol’ was changed to ‘Parole’. So now Radium Hot Springs is a “Citizens on Parole” community. HAHA, I’m not one to approve of graffiti, however that was funny.

I got stung by a wasp. Andrew has quite a few mosquito bites on his head. I had to perform eye surgery on Traci. She had something stuck in her eye and it was pretty much ruining her vacation, so at one particularly bad spot I broke out the company first aid kit, found an eyewash kit and blasted her eye. Fixed it. score one for the good guys. It actually saved us at trip to the optometrist the next morning.

Spillamacheen sucks.

This valley has an incredible mix of affluence. There are a lot of really run down homes and areas, and then, like, a block away are these amazing mansions and resorts.

Traci did some laundry tonight. She when she was done she walked out of the room, up the hill a little bit and turned around. She asked the lady ‘is there a more lighted way back to my campsite?’ uh, no, so here is a flashlight, you can bring it back in the morning. Traci said it was REALLY creepy walking back in the darkest dark she has experienced in a while.

If you are going to Tim Hortons to buy sandwiches for lunch. Please go inside to order. When you order sandwiches from the drive through, it just backs everyone up and no one can be happy then.

Other photographic Highlights…

CIMG6507 IMG_6120 IMG_6146 IMG_6217 IMG_6259 IMG_6264 IMG_6302 IMG_6329

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