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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traci and I had a conversation…

… and it turns out I am missing the boat a bit on this vacation… more specifically on this blog. Where the heck is Andrew Jay? sure there are a few photos of him, but where IS he? Not just physically, but emotionally. Just where the heck is he?

Well… right now, in bed, napping with Traci. With a good nap each day around 1pm lasting anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, he is an absolute TREAT to be around the rest of the day. We have had naps like they were our religion this week, so he is an absolute TREAT this week. This guy never ceases to amaze me. Our little Andrew Jay is growing up so fast. it’s all we can do to keep up with the changes.

Yesterday, before we left for the Hot Springs, we asked him if he wanted to go for a swim? Well… to put it mildly, he freaked out with joy and anticipation. I’m not really sure if knew what it meant, I think he just know something good was coming. “YEAH, swim. Yeah SWIM!” was all we heard for the 5 minute ride up to the pool. Once we got there, he had almost Houdini'd his way out of the car seat (he had is hands all stuck in the straps trying to get out) and was even MORE excited. I took him into the change room with me and expected a bit of a battle to get changed, but he sat there on the bench like a champ waiting for me to get changed, then was very patient while I got him changed. I say ‘arm’ he pulls one arm out of his shirt and says ‘arm’ back to me. I say ‘other arm’ he pulls the other arm out of his shirt and says ‘other arm’ back to me. same thing with his head,  and legs. Too cute.

Once we got into the hot pool, we just sat on the main steps into the water so Andrew could sit and relax without being held by either of us. As we sat there he started to get braver and braver by sitting on the next lower step and flipping over so he was belly down just walking along on his hands with his legs out behind him.  We would then ask him if he wanted to go over to the cool pool. ‘YEAH! Coolpool! YEAH!’ so over we would go, and straight in we would go. the first time in this pool he was in my arms and he looks at me and says softly ‘fun dad’. I melted.

He does so well everywhere we go. He is incredibly polite. he says Hi and Bye to everyone. Says thanks when you hand him something and seems to know when it is appropriate to shake hands or high five.

This morning we drove down to Fairmont Hot Springs, and we happened to find a little dump of a restaurant called Tony’s Greek Grill.CIMG6537

Boy was it tasty. While we waited Andrew found a set of little people chairs and table and some kids toys. He sure was happy. We give him the opportunity to figure stuff out on his own, and this usually means he is really really happy. Tony’s Souvlaki wraps were amazing, but I am sure if you ask Andrew, the fries at his little table were the cats meow for sure! CIMG6534

Here are a few more pictures just from this morning. This is HooDoo Mountain just South of Fairmont.IMG_6326

This is a picture of a mountain near Invermere that Traci took out the truck window. Looks like something in the frame blocking the valley. Can’t quite make it out in this picture. Oh wait, it’s a garbage can and some signs. Look very closely you’ll see them… blow up the picture if you have to…CIMG6527

And here is Andrew digging the ride! he is saying CHEESE!CIMG6530

Sorry for above Traci, I couldn’t resist. Here are a couple she took without the foreground interference. CIMG6528CIMG6529and some candid's. She is very good at the candid's…CIMG6531 CIMG6533   Seeya Later!

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