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Friday, August 7, 2009

A day in the life…

We have had rain the last 4 days straight and finally the weather cleared up. It’s still cooler than normal but with the sun shining it was very pleasant, and for some reason the birds took a liking to the suet we put out about 2 months ago, weird, oh well, it’s pretty fun to watch them fight for a foothold to get their tasty snack. See the one in the tree anxiously waiting his turn!IMG_5827

I had coffee this morning with our favourite client from last year, we sat in his backyard that we built a year and half ago for him. It is really nice to see these projects later on, when they start to mature.IMG_9683IMG_0760

From there, I had a noon meeting cancel on me, so I took my Dad and Hedi (staff) out for lunch. The 2 summer students were off doing errands, so it was a good time to reward hardworking Hedi with a nice lunch out. Here is Hedi with a GIANT stump we pulled out a couple days ago. This poor cherry tree had died and we are replacing it with a 4m tall Colorado Spruce.  big tree

I made my way down town to see a future client. He wants to secure all the costing for the landscaping of his entire yard before the deal to built the house is signed. He mentioned that he wants to put the landscaping in the mortgage. I guess that is one way to make sure you get the investment back once you sell. Our meeting took place at his office on the 28th Floor of the Shell Oil head office - what a view! I didn’t bring the camera up though, too bad. It was a nice drive downtown today, not too busy, summers in Calgary are pretty easy to get around, except during Stampede of course, and I enjoyed the trip.IMG_5839IMG_5842

Calgary is still very much under construction, even in turbulent economic times. I can see a construction slowdown once the economy turns around, because there will be such a glut of office space on the market, there will be more space than there is demand for a while! IMG_5841

I think this guy missed his bus. hope he’s ok.IMG_5837

This tower is call the ‘Bow’. IMG_5844 It is going to be 58 stories tall and eclipse the reigning tall tower in Calgary by 8 stories. It is pretty cool to see, as most of the buildings downtown are concrete structures, where this once is ol’school steel. It is a VERY big connect-it kit.

I came home, pretty much just in time to head back downtown with Traci and Andrew, where we picked up our race kits for Sundays “Rock the House run” in support of Ronald McDonald house at the Childrens Hospital. I am doing the 10k, Traci is doing the 5k and Andrew, Gramma and PopPop are doing the 1k fun run/walk. I’m looking forward to the day, as the race is modelled after the large Rock ‘n Roll marathons down in the states, where they have entertainment all along the race course and at the finish.

Other than that, it’s a pretty ordinary day!

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