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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goodness gracious this is fun…

We are just having the time of our lives. No issues, no problems, no timetable (except naps of course, but can you REALLY be late for a nap?), no worries. The company is in fantastic hands back in Calgary, the donks are being looked after by Gramma and Poppop.

We are doing what everyone should be doing when they go for holidays. Not much! We DO do stuff. Just not mind bending stuff.

Today goes like this.

Wake up at 8:30, Make coffee and bagels, I take an hour and climb a small mountain, Traci and Andrew muck around in the trailer, We take a long walk through the leasehold section of this campground, we come back and pack up the truck with snacks because we want to see what Spillamacheen looks like (not much) we arrive back in time for naps, we wake up from naps and head to Invermere to visit the candy store and sit on the beach (sidenote, when woke up from naps I said it was too cold to go to the beach… until I went outside… it was 30c.. hoowee, that was unexpected). We drove up to the National park Campground above Radium, it looks pretty nice with full hook-ups up on a mountainside, then we came home and had pork chops, corn, and Kraft (tm) Dinner for supper, then went up to the hot springs, came home and now Andrew is in bed.  Oh, and we are going to have a fire.

A really good day. Hope tomorrow is much the same!

Here are the photos to show off our day of nothing.

This first bunch is me climbing the little mountain. It was fun. Imagine doing deep knee lunges on a 60% incline for 25 straight minutes. click to enlarge.

CIMG6523 CIMG6475 CIMG6481 CIMG6485 CIMG6519

These are from our walk into the leasehold section of the Canyon RV Resort. The first one is our future cottage! IMG_6296IMG_6268IMG_6270   IMG_6290  IMG_6300 

We didn’t take any pictures of Spillamacheen, as it was a colossal disappointment. It’s someplace on the map I have always wanted to go. We actually passed right by it and didn’t know it… sheesh.

We did get to the beach though, and afterwards we drove around a little bit in Invermere. We saw this house under construction. There is still money in the world. IMG_6306

After supper we went up to the Hot Springs. If you have never been there, it’s about time you go. These are the nicest ones we have been to. The hot pool is just hot enough, and the cool pool is just right for bringing your core temp back down. Kind of like mother bears porridge.

Hot poolIMG_6321

Cool pool IMG_6320

The last photos are just some general pics from the day. One is from Red Streak Campground up in the national park, one is of an Inn here in Radium. All the Inns coming into town are completely polluted with flowers. Love it. The last one is just a general shot across the lake in Invermere, showing how built up the shore is with housing!  IMG_6310 IMG_6318 IMG_6304Cya tomorrow!

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Mary Jo said...

Hey peoples!!!

Wanted to say thanks for the vicarious second vacation!!!! I've been bummed that ours is long over for this year - so I'm just enjoying the heck out of yours!!! Sophie loves all the great photos too! I think perhaps I've developed an addiction to exclamation marks!!!

Anyway, keep up the great stories and enjoy the heck out of the rest of your vacation (like I need to tell you that!). So glad to see Andrew is doing so well post-cast!!!!

We'll see ya'll when you get back!!!

Take care,
Mary Jo