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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lady in the bra…

… left today. Yesterday afternoon while we were out walking around the campground, a group of 50-somethings were all sitting around their site. One of the ladies was just casually sitting there in her bra. I figured she was German or Swedish, and that wearing the bra was the compromise to not going topless like she probably had wanted to.

The unfortunate image is burned into my brain… she was NOT a fit lady…

Anyhoo, our second day on Vacation was pretty laid back. I went for a run this morning. it turned out to be pretty ambitious, but it felt good because the views were incredible. For the hour and a half I was away, Traci and Andrew went for a really long walk just enjoying the beautiful morning here. My Ambitious run from the bottom of Sinclair Canyon all the way up to the tunnel just past Radium Hotsprings rose over 500 feet in just under 5km.

This road was part of my run this morning.IMG_6267 IMG_6261

There were a couple spots where the grade was over 14%. Going up was really fun as I enjoyed the challenge, but I had to be really careful coming down as I really started to feel my quads tighten up on some of the steeper stuff. I walked quite a bit of the steep downhills. I then ran a nice loop through town and then north on the highway for a bit before turning around and heading back down to our little paradise of a campspot. As soon as I got back I put my swimsuit on and went a laid down in the creek. HOLY MOLY, I haven’t felt any pain in my legs since, as a matter of fact, I haven’t felt my legs since. haha, boy was that COLD! I ran a total of 12km today, and would have to consider this my favourite run to date.

IMG_6247 Traci and Andrew were playing in the site when I got back, and soon enough it was Lunch time. We had Turkey sandwiches. Andrew loves sandwiches of any kind, especially ground beef sandwiches (burgers) when he can get them.

I went up for a shower (free and hot) while Traci put Andrew down for a nap. When I got back he was sleeping so I did a little work and made a couple phone calls, then went inside and joined Andrew and Traci for an afternoon nap. I always feel like I should be productive when they are napping, but today was the exception as I really enjoyed laying down for an hour. Andrew slept for 3 1/2 hours. He is sleeping really well at night too. All the activity and the fresh air do wonders for all of us, because he sleeps so well.

After our nap it was time to pack up and head for the beach! We made a couple stops, 1 for wasp traps and 1 for water shoes, and once we had those we headed for the lake. We didn't stay too long as Andrew drank a bunch of the lake getting used to walking in the wavy water, but he really had a lot of fun, as did  Traci and I. Andrew spent most of his time going back and forth between Traci and I , diving into our arms and splashing like crazy! CIMG6462 CIMG6463

After about an hour at the beach it was time for supper. tonight it is BBq Chicken with tinfoil carrots and potatoes. I always have to remind myself to overcook the veggies as they taste WAY better with a bit of crispiness to them around the edges. It was very tasty of course.

We took a bit of  a scenic drive up the canyon, then had a nice walk into the leasehold section of our campground. Very nice. This is a really cool area for park model and permanent rv’s. The creek winds its way through the homes and the tall cedars and pines at the bottom of this canyon are really spectacular. I will take some pictures before we leave. Traci was never one to want to vacation in one spot all the time, but she said she would make an exception for this place. That is saying something!

Last night I took a couple really cool pictures of the fire and the river. I really have fun with timed exposures at night. This may be one of my favourite pictures ever! the lighting is courtesy of the streetlamp on the left and a light on the side of an RV on the right.IMG_6232

These ones turned out pretty cool too. Our fire pit sits about 7 feet below our site, next to the river so some of the perspectives are interesting. That is Traci in front of the fire in the first one.IMG_6227 IMG_6235

Traci took this picture out the window of the truck as we came back into the canyon this evening. Our site is right in the middle of the frame tucked away in the trees.CIMG6469

Tomorrow will be much the same. I am going to climb this small mountain behind the campground in the morning in place of my usual gym workout, IMG_6257 then we plan to do a long walk around the leasehold section of the campground. It will then be lunch, naps, then off to the beach again! Fun stuff as always!


Rick and Paulette said...

Great post and thanks for the wonderful pics! Looks like a pretty nice place to stay. I see Andrew seems to be getting around just fine, so that's great.

And, thanks for NOT posting any pictures of that 'lady' - it's too early here to have that image burned into my brain for the day.

Colleen said...

Fabulous pictures. I particularly like the one of the beautiful & happy little boy running in the water!!!
Hugs and kisses to Andrew and his parents...