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Friday, August 21, 2009

Made me ‘awww’ out loud…

I read an article in a magazine recently that said you have to be really sure of your self as a man, if you admitted to owning (and liking) pugs. Well I own 2.

I met Nevin today at Tim Hortons. I first noticed him standing in line as I was eavesdropping on his conversation with someone else about Manchester United’s loss the other day in the English premier league. I then noticed he was wearing a Man U jacket. He was obviously a fan and Soccer fans are typecast as ‘tough’, right? Fair enough I think. I went on to sit down and eat my breakfast sandwich without thinking anymore of it.

From where I sat I could see out the window and there were two of the cutest little Chihuahuas you could ever imagine, outside waiting for their owner to come out with some tasty treats for them. As I was eating I casually looked around the coffee shop trying to figure out who these little pups belonged to. I had it pegged at a Mom and her 2 little daughters waiting for their order. I pretty much left it at that.

When I got done with my tasty morning treat, I headed out side and saw that the soccer fan was feeding the little pups outside. I thought “geez I hope the owners don’t get mad”.

So back to the first line of this post… Try owning Chihuahuas… HAHA

Nevin, it turns out, the soccer hooligan (a term of endearment I am sure Nevin, so no offence) from inside , is the proud Papa of these little darling dogs! So much for typecasting hey!?

I just HAD to go get a picture of these little pups. I asked Nevin if it was ok, and obviously he said ‘Sure!’ So we have here, Bella, who is the mom, who in her first pregnancy had EIGHT pups in the litter. Yikes, Nevin told me she went from 8 pounds to 17, and pretty much couldn’t move toward the end. The poor little think actually developed a heart murmur, so I think it may be ‘eight is enough’ for her. That's ok though as I am sure there are 7 other REALLY happy owners of little tiny dogs right now. Oh, yeah, Bella’s beautiful baby here is named Beta!

Well Bella and Beta, you obviously have a caring owner, even if Nevin is a tough guy… I am sure you melt him into a big pile of goo every time you look at him…. IMG_6077

I asked Nevin if he would stick his foot in the picture, just for scale… Looks like the little one is a size 10 sneaker…SOOOO cute!


It kind of reminds me of this picture from a couple years ago where uncle Jake is looking after baby Kenickie…CIMG1112

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