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Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyone else's Friday…

…is just another day on vacation for us. The Campground emptied out pretty good this morning, only to fill back up again this afternoon. Mt. Kidd has quite the following. The holiday long weekends book up first, followed by the rest of the weekends, followed by the July and August weekdays, than if your lucky you can book the shoulder seasons on short notice, but there is no guarantee. This may be the most popular campground in Alberta.

We pay $48.00 per night for a full hookup site. Is it worth that kind of hard earned money? let’s see... When we book online we can actually select our site, not just by a map, but by the individual campsite as they have multiple photos of each site. The showers are hot and free. The main building even has pump soap in each shower stall. The place is immaculately maintained with an army of workers looking after the garbage, washrooms, cleaning firepits, raking sites, and generally being happy hosts. The sites are at least 4 times larger, with at least 10 times the distance between them than most ‘nice’ RV parks we’ve been to. They have nightly interpretive plays on such topics as hummingbirds and the lodgepole pine forest. They have a wading pool for the kids and a large hot tub. The store is very well stocked, and the staff is very knowledgeable on all things K-Country. Power,water, and sewer hookups are reliable and clean. And let’s not forget the scenery. The scenery is awesome. I believe it is money well spent and will spend it here at Mt Kidd for years to come. This photo is the Campgrounds namesake, the majestic Mt Kidd. IMG_6491

In the above photo, there is something up on the mountain that I saw as we walked today. Just to the right of the peak, a little speck of red, that was there, then went away after a few minutes. Here, I will blow it up. so what do you think? I think there is a mountain climber up there. How cool!IMG_6490

I keep harping about the scenery, but it requires harping! It just blows my mind! This photo is taken about a 8 minute walk from our camper and 1 hour from our house. This kind of picture goes on for hundreds of miles around here. It is unspoiled. IMG_6504

Unless of course you think a golf course spoils a good view. I for one, am a fan of golf courses, so I am ok that there is a 36 hole golf course right across the river from the campground. They did an amazing job keeping the natural terrain within the course, and it is world famous for its’… you guessed it… scenery!IMG_6496

Before our mid morning walk, we had breakfast! yummy Bacon, Eggs, toast and hashbrowns. Always a popular choice out here is the wild! Really ruffin it, aren't’ we !?!IMG_6460IMG_6462 IMG_6454

Our day was uneventful. Of course we had to make time for naps. What the heck are we going to do when we are required to be awake for most of the day? Andrew tried sitting in his truck and fell out. Leave it to Dad to get the action shot instead of helping the boy! IMG_6468

We did venture over to the interpretive program at 8pm. Andrew really seemed to enjoy most of it. The 2 actors were pretty funny. Well as funny as you can be with a topic of ‘Forest succession by wildfires and the mountain pine beetle’ . They asked some of the crowd to help out, and that was pretty funny, but in the end we never got to see the end as Andrew petered out and wanted to head home. So we did, with a pit stop at a hill to run up and down a few times!    IMG_6530 IMG_6531 IMG_6533IMG_6551

Another wonderful day! oh… I just need to add the Sweet Andrew photo of the day… IMG_6520

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Rick and Paulette said...

Mt. Kidd looks like a terrific spot and what a great CG - even at that price. I agree that once in a while it's worth it to pay that price for what you get. Thanks for posting all the great pics of your trip! Terrific scenery!