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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Andrew won his first medal!

He raced in the ‘Rock the House’ 1k kids run and won a finishers medal! Awesome.

We picked up Poppop and Gramma at 8:30 to head over to Ronald McDonald house for the big race. Andrew had to be there by 9:30 to get ready for his 9:45 start time. IMG_2093The course was terrific. An out and back track that wound through the greenspace area behind the RMH and featured entertainers, balloons, and of course the man himself, Ronald McDonald.


Poppop, Gramma and Andrew were very anxious to get out on the course as the energy toward the start of the race ramped up.

At precisely sometime before 10am, the 3 of them went over to the start and they were off! they hugged the curves and sped down the straights, hardly stopping to see the entertainers on course and stayed really focused… until…. Andrew saw the ducks. IMG_2095

STOP! they pressed pause on the timers clock and had a very nice visit and a snack at the halfway point, which happened to be right by the duck pond. Andrew had a cookie and it seemed a big duck really wanted it. The duck DID NOT get the cookie. find your own! IMG_2096

Andrew started to look nervously at the clock, and the peloton group of racers who he had left in the dust after the first corner, who were fast approaching, and decided to head on back up the hill to the finish. Well they kicked up a cloud of dust before the rest of the racers knew what hit them! Team PopGramAndy were in high gear zipping their way toward the finish with a focused determination that only breaking the tape at the finish line would satisfy.


They crossed the line with a new personal best for all of them at this event and Andrew humbly accepted his medal and thanked all in his support staff before he requested someone go get him a celebratory ice cream from the Marble Slab booth. YAY Andrew! Congratulations on finishing your first big race! you deserve all the accolades, prizes and speaking engagements that will undoubtedly be waiting for you once the word gets out. you rock little man! WoooooHooooo!

ps, Mommy and Daddy had fun running in their race as well.


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Anonymous said...

WhoooooooooooooooooooHOooooooooooooooo Andrew!!!...You're the man!!!