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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday car ride, and Andrew got his cast off…

… I’ll start with the cast off…. YAY! everything looked great and he was given the all clear to resume normal 2 year old activities. CIMG6442

He will, however, walk like a duck for at least a week and could have a noticeable limp for up to 3 months. I guess it would have been easier to just not break the leg. We did learn that this break is VERY common, and there was even another little 2 year old in the waiting room with exactly the same injury waiting to get her cast off.  CIMG6444 Andrew does not like being manhandled by doctors, that is for certain. He WAILED the entire time they cut the cast off. I mean screamed bloody murder. CIMG6441

He really freaked out the other kids in there! He cried through the x-ray and the final bit of the exam, but as soon as we picked up to leave, he was all, ‘bye, seeya, *high five*’ and all that…LOL too funny. We got him home just after lunch and he went down for a nap right away. After a nice couple hours of sleep he woke up and tried to walk, but was freaked out without the support of the cast, so it was a bit of a cry and down to a crawl.    CIMG6446       

He started to test it out a short time later, I am the testing lump at the bottom of this pile…CIMG6452

and I am happy to report that he is running around on it today (Sat) and doesn't seem to mind the duck foot he is stuck with for a while. All is good in Andrewland today! We lowered the temp in the Hot tub to 99 deg so Andrew could com in and let his tiff leg loosen up in comfort. He had a hoot in there!IMG_5929

Speaking of today, it was time for another driving adventure. We didn't  run into any natural disasters. On the contrary, we ended up in some amazing nature for a sightseeing tour and a picnic.

Just 35 minutes from our front door is some pretty amazing scenery and activities. IMG_5944It seems like we take it for granted, especially when you hear about other people oohing and aahing about getting here to see what is essentially in our backyard.

It was really overcast and dreary when we left the house, but there was a line in the sky where the cloud ended and it was clear and much warmer out in the mountains. We stopped in Bragg Creek to pick up some sandwiches and chips,IMG_5969 and then ended up in Gooseberry Campground for a picnic. There are signs everywhere telling us that picnics are not allowed here, but I stopped in a secluded campsite anyway. I wonder what kind of trouble we could have gotten into if we were caught. hmmm. IMG_5974IMG_5977IMG_5990IMG_5995

Once we finished our lunch we headed west to where the road ends. There are couple of primitive 4x4 roads that you can carry on driving on, but I don’t think the cube could have gone too far before we would probably would  have needed airlifted out… haha.IMG_6015

The water in this part of the Elbow River has was melted from snow and ice only about 3 hours ago I figure. It is incredibly clear and clean! IMG_6030IMG_6001

Andrew started to get sleepy, so when that happens, we don’t make any more stops, we just cruise around looking at stuff. We inspected all the campgrounds along highway 66 and came to the conclusion that we need to invest in a few modifications to our trailer so we can camp here comfortably without any hookups. So by next spring, we will have a different battery bank and a small solar power setup to keep us going more than a couple days at a time. We figure 1 season at $15.00 a night (no hookups) will pay for the entire system by not staying at Full hookup RV parks for 40-50 $ a night.

We cruised down through Millarville and back up to 22x and came home. It was a really nice day, not too much traffic and had the perfect people to share it with!

Here is a long shot of the city on our way back home. IMG_6034

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