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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Steak Oscar…

NY Striploin steaks, Prawns, Scallops, Béarnaise Sauce, with BBQ baked potatoes, carrots and onions. That is some serious camping food.

We had my Mom aka Gramma and Poppop out for Gramma’s  birthday supper. They don’t go more than 3 or 4 days without seeing Andrew normally and it had been 7 days.

Here is Traci relaxing in the sun before the festivities!IMG_6621Andrew was still napping when they arrived so I went in and woke him up. I was tickling him, whispering to him, doing all manners of things to wake him up and nothing was working until I said “Gramma and Poppop are here”. Well, he sat bolt upright in bed and shot out of the camper like his pants were on fire. IMG_6631

We had a GREAT party for Gramma! We went for walks and had the fantastic dinner described above,IMG_6687 Traci had made a cake yesterday to mark the occasion today! IMG_6671This was a first for her in the camper and it turned out great. Then Gramma and Andrew opened presents and then everyone got giftbags that Traci had made up. My-oh-my have parties changed since Andrew came along. Picture me and my dad in the middle of the campsite launching little mini-paratroopers into the air and tossing a foam airplane around. HAHA, the best part is, it is all TOTALLY FUN! We adults have forgotten so much about simple fun things, haven’t we?

How much fun would it be to just dig into the cake with a spoon! Andrew knows!!IMG_6680

The earlier part of the day was spent walking around the campground and taking a short drive to Nakiska. CIMG6554CIMG6555CIMG6564

Looks like Andrew is headed up for his first attempt at the triple black diamond run!CIMG6568

Nakiska is the site of the alpine events for the 88 Winter Olympics. I was here 21 years ago during the Olympics and what fun it was! It seems just a bit different now, in the summer, but we are probably going to bring Andrew here to learn how to ski. They have a pretty good ski school and it isn’t ever that crowded AND it is really close to home. CIMG6550

That was pretty much it for the day. We have been getting lazier and lazier as our vacation has continued, but our days are numbered now as we only have 1 more full day left. We should get out there and do something, right?… well….. maybe not. Maybe just relaxing is the order of the day tomorrow too!     IMG_6714

Oh, I had the Telephoto lens out today, and this is one of my favourite shots. I have a soft spot for a pleasant mountain meadow… don’t know why… just do.IMG_6607

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Colleen said...

Thank You for all the work you put into an amazing birthday dinner and party. It is very true that family celebrations are much more fun experienced through the eyes and heart of someone as naturally spontaneous and unconditionally loving as little Andrew Jay. We are so very greatful and blessed to be grandparents of this wonderful little person. We had a lovely day with you all. Love Gramma & Poppop