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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel day to Mt Kidd…

We decided to drive up to Golden and then over to Kananaskis via the Trans Canada Highway. I knew there was a lot of construction, but I actually wanted to see it. Does that make me weird? The highway project is MASSIVE. Blasting the ever living heck out of the mountainside to create a 4 lane freeway where a 2 lane goat trail used to be. IMG_6352 IMG_6353 IMG_6354 IMG_6355

This is a part of the project that was completed a couple years ago. The bridge and corresponding 4 lane highway took 25 minutes off a 30 minute stretch of road.IMG_6344 IMG_6347

As we travelled down the road we noticed more and more beetle kill. We had the same conversation last year when we drove through here, and it still is sickeningly devastating. The orange twinge you see in the mountainside is dead pines. The destruction is total in some places.IMG_6368

We got through the construction, it was most of the 100 or so kilometres from Golden to Lake Louise and a bit beyond, but it actually was easier driving than once we got on the freeway and a bunch of the other drivers put on their stupid hats trying to kill themselves with dumb decisions.

The scenery the whole way is breathtaking. I didn't appreciate it as much when I was younger, but now I can’t get enough of it, and I hope I can help Andrew appreciate it as much as we do now. The colors in the water up here are preposterous… just amazing.IMG_6363IMG_6410 IMG_6362  IMG_6372 IMG_6389 IMG_6394

We stopped in Canmore again for some minor supplies, it was a Déjà vu moment as we parked in exactly the same spot as last Sunday, went to the same store and bought pretty mucht eh same stuff… hehe.

Mt Kidd was just a 1/2 hour away. Jeez we really like this place. It is like the best provincial campgrounds for large sites and privacy, but with the full services you’d expect in the squinchiest RV campground near the cities. Nice.

Here is our site, wow is it nice. Andrew has a ridiculous amount of room to run around. Mt Kidd has a couple hundred of sites just like this one! again, WOW!IMG_6415Here is a view to the south from our site. IMG_6418The view over to the next loop, as shown from our outdoor kitchen (notice all the other campers you can see from here? IMG_6422The roads in all the loops look like this. There are probably 10 sites in this picture. IMG_6429 Another view from the site. Tough life hey?IMG_6430

Oh, another note from Radium. Every morning we would be woken up to a squirrel 40 feet up a tree, launching large pinecones down onto our camper. Sounded like someone up on the roof hammering. He would then give us a show for an hour while he came and took them to who knows where for the winter…

This campground sort of completes a circle for us. It was last year at this time that we were here at Mt Kidd and we were just getting started at this blogging thing ( it was also the 2nd weekend out with our current trailer too). Here is a link back to the post from then. Mt Kidd 2008. It was actually our 3rd post. So really. Happy Blogaversary to us!

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