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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What would you do?

I was leaving our neighbourhood the other day, taking the on ramp onto the Deerfoot (freeway) and there is a family walking up the ramp toward me. Keep in mind that this is a major intersection with limited access to the freeway (if any access) by foot. I think it’s a pretty strange sight. There was the Dad, who was holding a 2-3 year old, while holding the hand of a 4-5 year old, then there was the mom who was pushing  a stroller, and then lastly a 10-11 year old walking on their own. The mom wasn’t even on the pavement of the wide shoulder; she was struggling to push the stroller through the weeds and lumps just into the ditch. Like I said, strange.

I sort of dismissed it for a second as I see LOTS of strange happening out on the freeway, but I was a little bugged over this sight, especially with the stroller. Well, it happens that about a mile down the road there is a car on the side with no one in it. So OBVIOUSLY this car is theirs and they broke down and are walking home, or wherever. Now my first thought is I will turn around at the first access about 2 miles away, go back past them to the off ramp, over the freeway and go see if they would accept some help. Well that is a long drive around and I have no where near the space to take them all at once or even all at twice. I decide to carry on with my day after a internal struggle that went something like this.

Ok, If I go back, it’s probably 10 minutes until I get back there, and they may be near their destination (there was only one neighbourhood to go into from there and they were close. Ok, now really, what the HELL are they doing walking away from the car anyway. Don’t they say the safest place to wait is in the vehicle? Why didn’t they call for help to family or friends, or a tow truck or anyone. Why didn’t they flag someone down when they first broke down? Why on earth would you feel the need to take EVERYONE from the vehicle, instead of mom or dad going for help, even if you didn’t have a phone. Flag someone down, use their phone. Gawd, there are crazy people everywhere in this town. You hear of plenty of incidents where good Samaritans are attacked or killed. why was the mom pushing the stroller through the weeds instead of on the pavement that was about a foot away (dad and the other kids were on the pavement).

Seriously, where are you in your life that leads you to walking your family up the freeway after your car breaks down. tough stuff I am sure, but, if you are own a vehicle out in the suburbs here in Calgary, you should be better prepared, is what I justify that day.

I still feel really bad that I didn’t stop and at least offer help. In my small hometown in Saskatchewan, it would have been a no brainer to stop. But here in Calgary, I think you have to have a really compelling reason to stop. I guess this scene wasn’t compelling enough.. for me… at least on that day. I really feel like a shmuck about this…

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